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  1. +1 Good guy and knows how to structure trainings/events
  2. Name: Jedi Kol Ita Race: Dahgee Backstory: Kol Ita was a member of the long extinct Jedi Order based on Daghee which were know for their strong beliefs in the Jedi code, ways and their unique robes/lightsabers. The Daghee are long extinct due to them going exactly by the code and not having any relationships, which caused them to die out due to no younglings coming to the temple as all force sensitives on Daghee were already part of the order and following this strict code. Kol Ita is one of the same as he follows their principals and their methods and staying as clos
  3. And you did it? tbh that is a stupid move on your end and if you knew that you weren’t supposed to do it I kinda think you should have been warned
  4. Still what in your mind thought putting a explosive on a Jedi was a good idea. I mean seriously what was going through your mind. there was no reason was there?
  5. I’m not sure what to say about the ban but with spacing from the warns 2 weeks is excessive. But you said “We’ve all done stupid things were only human, this is why we get second chances”. If we Allowed anyone to use this as a reason to be unbanned then no one would be banned in this community. I think your reasoning is off but I believe the ban to be too long.
  6. +1 Very detailed and would be a great asset to the EP team
  7. -1 from me Most of it seems good but as Mega said for the medium event you are supposed to write what you would do for a medium event not the start of a storyline/chain of events or the start to a planetary because that would be considered a large scale event. and same as Mega said about the “Why should you be an event planner” section
  8. You aren’t even doing memes now XD. Just random people.
  9. This man is the staff manager so if there are staff related problems they will find their way to him. Also he is probably the one to abuse you if you misbehave so don’t mess around.
  10. Uhm... Wow. Yeah imma +1 this application due to the detail and past experience
  11. I’m known by Kano from most but currently go by Grinch, I am a member of the Staff/EP/Discord Team so if you need something don’t hesitate to ask