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  1. +Well Written +Previous experience with applicant is good -Medium event wasn't a medium, it was a small Overall it's a +1 from me, although it's weak so you gotta show that you've earned it
  2. +Well Written app +Very Good examples -(Lack of Capitalization) Overall it's a +1 from me, good job
  3. -Provided no examples for RDM or FailRP -Never answered what FailRP is, instead answered what NITRP is -You can get to know people and not be staff Overall it's a -1 From me
  4. -Never provided examples for FailRP or RDM -Answers were way too short Overall it's a -1 from me
  5. -Never provided an explanation of what FailRP is -Structure could be better -Answers were too short Overall i have to give this one a -1
  6. +Very Well Written +Good Use of variables +Good that you thought of issues too +Good Thinking with the droid forces -Could've given specialized Regiments more concrete things to do IE: 212th repairing a shield generator, CG Capturing a CIS General Ect. Overall a +1 from me, Great job
  7. -Extremely Short Application -Used a link to his profile as a Steam ID -No use of Capitalization -Medium event makes no sense -Medium event is WAAAY too short It's gonna have to be a -1 from me man
  8. +Well Written +Good inclusion of regiments +Good amount of experience +Good job planning the health and loadout of the ECs -Could've done with more detail of what would happen during the event -Seemed a bit short Overall its a +1 from me
  9. +Medium Sized event is very well written and with A LOT of prepping it could be done +Good amount of experience +Good that you're already thinking of storylines -The answers on question 6 and 7 are very short -Could give more regiments concrete things to do Overall a +1 from me
  10. -It seems you didn't read question 6 properly since you answered it with why we would think you should join our EP team -Lack of inclusion of other regiments -Way too controlling in the structure of the event -In the troopers' eyes it would be a basic base attack -The commando droids would be expendable so there would be no reason for a gunship to pick em up -It seems you forgot that CG were guarding the prisoner so why would they escape their cells Overall, its a -1 from me.
  11. +Good Experience +Well Written -Event is just basically a normal base attack in the troopers' eyes -Umbarans are solely stationed on Umbara -Lack of inclusion of other regiments Its a -1 from me sorry
  12. +1 from me Your app is good, but your medium sized event is kind of lacking, i understand that you have given at least CG and DU something to do, but in the future remember that there are other regs who might not have anything to do.
  13. -1 From me, You say that the medium event is supposed to be Phase 1, but the question is Please provide an example of a medium sized event, not Please present a prep for an event, and also in the question Why should you be an Event planner, we aren't asking why you want to join, we were asking why we should pick YOU instead of anyone else