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  1. Quick Note: What I mean when I say I don't 'script events' is that a lot of the stuff I do is improv and right on the spot to keep the event fluid, I am not controlling but instead I do my best to guide the players visually, and by using game design theory from my classes, to create paths and hint at important stuff. The scripts in my example event is just an example to further the storyline for the reader. It does not mean it has to go down 100% like that, but it's to guide both me, and the fellow event helpers. Sometimes I do write dialogue which I will use to guide myself and fel
  2. In Game Name Decker/Tauses Age 19 Steam-ID https://steamcommunity.com/id/Tauses/ Discord Name tauses#1738 English Knowledge Really Good (Fluent) Previous Event Staff Experience Event staff on Grizonetworks, Round Table Gaming, and two other servers I cannot remember the names of. I've been at every place in the event staff hierarchy, event manager, junior event staff, event staff, sr. event staff just to