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  1. I mean, Sky can use it for watching Anime (i5 2400) lol
  2. It costs money? I ain't got any off that, do you take cpus?
  3. haha description
  4. Mario

    Clone Wars V3

    Nice work Sky! Keep it up!
  5. Really good guy. But the application is rushed and questions 7 and 8 are invalid as you did not give any examples.
  6. What is your Minecraft username? The_Poenix Why do you want this position? As I have used a moderate amount off clients (or hacks) I know how to see if people are using them and how to detect them since I know strategy's a lot off exploiters or hackers use. I would also like to help out the new community with questions etc. Any previous experience in a Moderator position? In Garry's Mod yes I was a Trial mod then the server shut down. (I also have a little experience in Minecraft)
  7. In Game Name 212th SB TRP 2165 Lucky Age 14 Steam-ID STEAM_0:1:196403801 Discord Name Why Gaijin#7488 English Knowledge Good Previous Staff Experience T-Mod on a server named "Kryptic", it shutdown in early december. Provide a detailed explanation of RDM and give 2 valid detailed examples. RDM stands for Random Death Match. A player can be accused of RDMing if he/she k
  8. FRP example one is actually Meta Gaming. and RDM example 2 is also invalid in that the trooper was standing on the landing pad or strip and they shouldnt stand there, depending on the pilot lands on the TRP intenstunaly its not RDM.
  9. Really detailed, a lot off experience and seems like a friendly guy! A +1 from me. -Ex-Event Planner Lucky / Mario
  10. holy shit what did the Forums become?
  11. Well we got DU, RC, 104th and maybe some CT's maybe half the server will not have anything planned for them. Yes AC are pretty good at giving people tasks but still u got 3 regs not doing anything without AC's help. -Ex-EP Lucky
  12. Gree = best clone ever no doubt
  13. seems oddly familiar to my app mh... otherwise a rly nice app man! (not saying u copied it but just asking)