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  1. In Game Name 501st ARCSL-97 CBM SGTM Jesse In-Game Playtime 2 weeks 2 days Which package are you buying or paid for? Custom Job Steam-ID STEAM_0:0:427032077 Custom Job Name Cipher Job/Character Background Designated CT-0208, ARC Trooper Cipher was apart of an experiment 'Project Cannon' to produce more elite clones tended to function as mobile heavy units. Appearing slightly bigger in build and adopting qua
  2. In Game Name RC PFC 0208 Atin Age 16 Steam-ID STEAM_0:0:427032077 Discord Name Cipher#0069 English Knowledge Really Good (Fluent) Previous Staff Experience Northpoint - Moderator Starpoint- Moderator Starfall - Admin Origins- Admin Redpoint- Admin Onis.UK - Management [Head of Community] Project Vanguard - Management [Co-owner] Provide a detailed explanation of RDM and gi