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  1. Seems like he knows his stuff well, moderately detailed and is definitely an active and good player that could prove lucrative to the staff team. +1 I think you've nailed it
  2. Certainly a very hard application to rate, but there is a certain vagueness throughout which I really think could've been written better. -1 Maybe try and be a little bit more specific and detailed.
  3. In Game Name CG STL WO2 2477 Apollo/Jedi Knight Spartan Age 0 Discord Name North#1082 English Knowledge Really Good (Fluent) Previous Staff Experience I've been a staff member (usually Admin or higher) on quite a few servers in DarkRP for the past few years, but notably just one in SWRP. It was a promising server a while ago, exclusively run by Crident Networks called Hyplex.co if I remember correctly (I'm pretty sure I got to Mentor, a sen