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  1. you were told countless times to get out of the Jedi temple and you kept messing around and going in anyways. also if I recall correctly CG did have their weapons out and on you. If I’m not mistaken you were about to be arrested for trespassing however in rp I talked to CG to let you go. So I think this warn and ban is justified
  2. In Game Name Havoc/Rkhora Delshyyk Age 16 Steam-ID STEAM_0:0:96520175 Discord Name *Hifumi Takimoto*#0002 English Knowledge Really Good (Fluent) Previous Staff Experience i've been staff on 5 other star wars RP servers. all of them being moderator and above Provide a detailed explanation of RDM and give 2 valid detailed examples. RDM also known as random deathmatch is where a person kills someo