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  1. ok yall baguette just told me to post about how cool he is but lemme tell you right now he is NOT cool stay away from baguette he will make your life miserable and 98% of people who have met baguette never lost their virginity and their wife left so some of yall can call this a BEWARe post i would call it a BE AWARE Post so beware yall ur not fat ur fabulous 


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    2. Baguette


      yo wtf did you just say about me i beat bnoth of you children in 1v1 multiple times you both are not shit and i will clap you both again with my eyes closed blindfold on and with my little brother playing, you get me bruv?

    3. Goop


      U wot? Square up yeah, I'll kick ur Grandad's head in and then lick ur grans punani, ur a wasteman blud. That potnoodle u sorted me last week was rank fam, try getting me a chicken and mushroom next time, not the bbq one, this isn't a game m8. Yeah fisher price fisherman's friend meal deal with the garlic mayo dip you get me chum? Yeah i didn't think you'd wanna square up, you're a pussyhole fam, i bet you had one of those shit pencil cases at school where it looked like a 7up can but it was actually a pencil case... you're a fucking idiot lad, I'll knock u the fuck out if you step in my ends again is that clear?

    4. Baguette


      Oi Bruv yuh Fink yee can come round ere n fokin yammer on bout fings n such NAY yee phat cunt yer roight mental if yee Fink at

  2. Quote







  3. face reveal will delete in a few days


  4. dookie fresh is not a comparable song to doin yo mom dookie ddookie fresh is just so much lower in the spectrum then doing your mom doing your mom doin doin your mom

  5. yo guys i just heard a song but i dont know what its name is it goes like this;; 

    dueduduede dududu doododoo dododu du udu uudu udu udududu udu ud dooo dod odo do do do do du du du du dududu dodo dodo dudududu da da da da chiki bam bam shakalaka blum blum bam 

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    2. Cipher



      should have gone to specsavers

    3. Cipher



    4. Goop


      get him officer he didnt say         bismillahirahmanirahim eudubillahimin eşşeytani rajim

      before eat

  6. what did my dad just say i was wearing headphones on

    1. Cipher


      should have gone to the mosque


  7. strumming myself

  8. +1 good guy ,,,, knows his shit very cool yeye
  9. guys


    1. Cipher


      pretty pog am i right


  10. it was a double flusher

    1. Kommisar Kashatar

      Kommisar Kashatar

      Welp i am leaving aurora servers completly it was nice playing but i am moving on its been really nice playing with all of you
      except for a few peoples but screw them well it lasted while it lasted but at last i am leaving this community moving on to other servers i would love to come back but i am sure this is too late but i am sure i will come back if not next year then later love you all

  11. In Game Name 41st MT RP SSGT 3636 Goop Age 15 Steam-ID STEAM_0:1:88747795 Discord Name Goop#1690 English Knowledge Good Previous Staff Experience Been around mod-admin on multiple smaller servers which are now shut down. Provide a detailed explanation of RDM and give 2 valid detailed examples. RDM stands for random deathmatch which is killing a fellow player for no reason whatsoever.