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  1. That is the list I sent to Ramiris so Vaugh and Jet trooper should be on the list
  2. The Verd squad thing I listed isn't on your list btw The other lore characters you provided was not agreed upon. Any snow models this goes for all regiments maybe done in another update or instalment but not to begin with no These: - Waxer ARF geonosis- Boil ARF Geonosis Will also be another time as well as its not important at all An ARF model though would be fine if you want to add it to the list? As you'll already be doing another ARF model for some other regiment so just add orange to it instead if you don't mind?
  3. How to join the server: 1. Own Garry's Mod on Steam. 2. Go into the Garry's Mod Multiplayer server listings and find "AuroraServers" under the StarWarsRP Category. 3. OR Go into the Garry's Mod Multiplayer server listings and use the search bar by typing "AuroraServers". 4. OR In the Garry's Mod Main Menu, open the console by holding the ' ~ ' key and type " connect" If you can't connect download content from here first "https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=2127101071" and try again. If it still doesn't work go to Garry's Mo
  4. I prob should of told you its only 2 weapons and 2 equipment. And you can't be a commando as thats RC. Just call yourself something else and description I guess
  5. Accepted just go to custom donation and pay £10
  6. Alrighty just pay £10 g in custom dono
  7. Accepted does this mean you won't be Aayla
  8. Share your wonderful creations from PAC3 and whack them here. You can also put things here to help other players too with PAC3
  9. This is the place to upload photos for our loading screen please make sure to show nice photos with no HUD if possible
  10. Server Rules Warning: These rules can be updated at any time so it is suggested to regularly check back here! Rule Section 1 - General Rules 1) Racism | Homophobia | Sexism is not tolerated under any circumstances. 2) Staff word is final in all circumstances, if you feel they are wrong you can report it to a staff supervisor. 3) Advertisement is not tolerated under any circumstances. 4) Use of hacks or exploits are not tolerated under any circumstances. 5) Attempting to cause harm or damage to the server or community is not tolerated under any circumstances
  11. Hey everyone, So we want quest ideas, ways for you to make money on base. This could be like go kill 5 droids Within a pvp sim eliminate 5 men Go collect 5 bacta tanks etc etc Take out the group of battle droids SW of base! Collect the holocron We will make one example and post it to help once we have one but for now. Give us level ideas!
  12. @openNLI've seen this made somewhere
  13. Already know who I am 😉
  14. Custom Map Competition So I have decided having a custom map would be pretty amazing! So this is my idea I want you guys to come up with Concept Art of a map design, layout, maybe some interior work etc etc. If you're good with drawing or Photoshop etc perfect. Take pictures of things and make a document etc on ideas I will select winners and hand out prizes on the best ideas and these ideas could go into our own custom map. I'm doing this for you guy. Our own unique base would be amazing! so yeah. Competition will end on this date: 25/05/2020