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  1. absolutely beautiful, thanks. You've moved from bottom to top place for concepts 😉
  2. depends... can Fxo run the server on it
  3. This is for everyone! If you would like to simp for us and purchase a custom design for the server then listen up. Textures cost a mere £5 and they'll be done. Once you have paid, please just leave a reply below with your request. (though please lord DM Fxo first else you will find i cannot fulfil requests people think they can make. Regimental helmets must conform to their specific limitations as stated in their own thread! Currently accepted Customs: @Sky - Kotori @Ramiris - Requisitons @Harper - Sinon @Sloth - Queen Elizabe
  4. We change the codes for us, they are for you if you do want to be creative. Ramiris will remember this..
  5. @[AS] Fxo yeah just a naming difference but this is Verd dw 😉 As for the extra Lore Characters, yeah those werent agreed but references still good to have. Providing i have space and time, a basic ARF should be fine
  6. legit didnt know where those went ??? they should have been on it, my bad Anything design wise or you happy?
  7. As said before, bodygroups are being done a little differently so you dont need to worry about the model HAVING that bodygroup 😉
  8. That's fine, if you have any specific changes please let them be known, otherwise i'll base it off of those.
  9. Are we blind!?! Deploy the coders!