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  1. Good experience, detailed answers to all questions. I like that you plan for failure with the bx's that's always a good thing for events. Clearly knows his stuff +1
  2. Mature, good details in the event example. Well known on the server to be competent and could be a good fit for the ep team. Short answers to some of the questions which could've done with some more detailed answers. +1
  3. Good experience with helping in events. Very short answers to most questions could've done with more details. Event is pretty strange.. I like the start but I'm not a fan of it being the typical CIS attack since it seems like it could've been a lot more. -1
  4. Never seen a dull passive from this man, very well known in the server as well. Nice short event and sweet event could've done with more detail though I'm not fussed. +1
  5. Seems like he could be a good addition to the EP team. Good event, differs from usual base attacks. +1
  6. Well known player with good experience on the server. Lots of potential +1
  7. Mature, has good experience of how an event is planned. I like the gradual increase for the base attacks difficulty. +1
  8. Clearly has good experience, good details for the event as well. +1
  9. Good event staff experience Medium event is short and sweet, could've done with more planning but overall it's a +1
  10. Good application overall, with lots of experience. +1
  11. Some of the event plan sounds good on paper but would most likely fail in execution due to the nature of CG and AC when it comes to civilians entering restricted spaces. Everything else about it seems like a good standard base attack which is fine. You've also included some after attack RP for engineers which is always accepted. Having some staff experience is better than nothing but being an EP is not exactly the same thing. +/- Can't decide
  12. In Game Name DU PVT 6672 Inaudible Age 17 Discord Name JingleFlapps(CEO Of Homosex)#7722 English Knowledge Good Previous Event Staff Experience My experience as an event manager varies. I've had the opportunity to run events for different game modes giving me a lot of experience mixing different kinds of RP with engaging story and combat. Even with my time being brief I was given a lot of experience with designing and managing events. 2 y