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  1. In Game Name 501st TRP Tryx // Football Age 15 Steam-ID STEAM_0:0:85873895 Discord Name Football#5283 English Knowledge Really Good (Fluent) Previous Event Staff Experience EP Manager - Aurora Servers (I was EP on this server for almost a year) EP - Imperial Server Games master - Dark-RP [Cant remember name] Why would you like to join our event staff team?
  2. Just Realized i deleted the end of the app, here it is: After Finding intel and finding out whats on it, we learn the location of the scientist. After that we move out to the location (on planet) an do a breach of the facility, hopefully securing and containing the scientist. Medics are advised to take a sample of the virus to see what it is later, in testing on base. It is found out later, the Virus causes the body to go into shutdown, until the creature takes over, and turns the host into a zombie like creature. A cure will then be made.
  3. In Game Name Tryx / Football Age 14 Steam-ID STEAM_0:0:85873895 Discord Name Tryx01#5283 English Knowledge Really Good (Fluent) Previous Event Staff Experience EP Manager - Aurora Servers Senior EP - Aurora Servers [Basically I've been all ranks on Aurora] Staff: Mod - X-Ray Gaming Admin - Aurora / Galactic Why would you like to join our event staff team? I would like to join the E
  4. What is your Minecraft username? Football_lord68 Why do you want this position? I would like this position to continue to help build this server, I have helped previously on the server building and feel I should help even more by being Mod on the server. I see potential in this server, and would like to help out in as many ways possible to help grow and improve this server. Any previous experience in a Moderator position? I have had many experiences as MOD through discord and through many many Gmod
  5. Personally my opinion, is that the ban was unfair, Google has 2 warns from April if im not mistaken which some how are still Active Warns? Not Really fair, I get the warn that's fair enough, Ban however not so much. ~ Football
  6. Good App Detailed, Shows you took time typing this out and put thought into this, Has a lot of experience, Good Application, However, I do think you could have added some more Detail into the Medium sized event, One thing we love in the EP team is Story line and RP so add some of that, However this is all things you will be taught and find out. Overall Great Application Good work i am going to +1 this app good work! ~ Football ( EP Manager )
  7. Good Examples Has Experience Knows of the rules Active on server Could be a bit more detailed In Conclusion Great Application going to +1 this one nice work ~ Football
  8. Good Application, in my opinion. You can tell you have Experience and that you know what your doing, you got the Experience of People in High roles on servers, i think you would be a good member of the staff team. So im going to +1 This app good work!
  9. Name: Football Steam ID: STEAM_0:0:85873895 Link of document: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1qrAc0iCTF6gV2tR3jqlaFW3KXHVwsHq4MQJOGfaXAeY/edit?usp=sharing Description: The map is Made to allow a constant thing to do on the server, allowing regiments to leave base to capture many of the FOB for some time. With the CIS close the battle is constant, There is a tall mountain in the center of the map with the only 2 ways up being an elevator from bunker or the winding path way allowing for vehicles, Pilots are needed Massively on this map taking people from base to the Battle z
  10. Find clues to where the Sith was last on planet, this could a saber , then you go to the NPC and answer a multiple choice question.
  11. Locate the lost flight disc from a recent crash, or even locate the pilot (dead) You could also do retrieve and drop off supplies to the FOB's
  12. Name: Football SteamID: Link of document: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1_1EeeEKusfWYMf4IaAadKKP-LlrXc5eu8J_1EdhXrlM/edit?usp=sharing Description: This is Domino Facility, an EX republic ship building , and now a Republic stronghold holding many republic schematics down in the vault! it is a constant battle zone with the front line ( a massive open space in a clearance of trees ) Very close by and a CIS FOB, North of the base! ----- If anything is confusing ill go through it with ya, Cheers