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  1. I've never been specifically event staff, missed a word there.
  2. In Game Name Wallcroft/Wolffe Age 20 Steam-ID STEAM_0:0:27697018 Discord Name Ghost#8610 English Knowledge Really Good (Fluent) Previous Event Staff Experience I've been specifically event staff however, I have been in a position previously where I have been required to do events in order to keep those on the server entertained. One of these positions was Community Manager on an old server called Ionic Netw
  3. Artificial Cell Culture | Synthesiser | 3 Mutagenic Paste, 1 Foreign Bacteria, 2 Fungal Samples
  4. Magnetic Coils: 5 Tibana Gas Cannisters, 4 Duraliam, 8 Durasteel
  5. Add 5 Scanners to the Equipment plate recipe as well.
  6. Equipment Crate and Helmet Crate have Changed. They are now: Equipment Crate 10 Plating 4 Storage Arrays 5 Pneumatics 6 Batteries 10 Girders 3 Casings Helmet Crate 10 Plating 4 Scanners 6 Storage Arrays 5 Batteries 9 Pneumatics 3 Casings Reinforced Plating 10 Plating in the forge.
  7. Girders: 3 Tibana Cannisters 4 Durasteel
  8. Helmet Token Requirements: 2 Pneumatics 1 Scanner: 2 Batteries: 1 Casing: 1 Storage Array Minimalista Collection Token: 3 Hypercloth 2 Bronzium 3 Durasteel Equipment Token: 6 Plating: 1 Storage Array 1 Scanner: 2 Pneumatics 2 Batteries: 10 Girders: 1 Casing Storage Array: 1 Casing Pneumatics: 2 Magnetic Coils, 8 Ball Bearings, 4 Cooling Coils, 3 Wiring. (May be the recipe for two, I don't remember but I doubt it.) Ball Bearings: 2 Chromium Casing: 12 Plating, 20 Girders
  9. Everything in here looks good and we're all happy with the original patterns. Thanks b0ss.