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  1. Putting in 2 applications at the same time to confuse the recruitment team?
  2. Think you got confused here, the bit where it says give an example is asking you to demonstrate your creativity by writing down a plan for an event of your own making, rather than examples of events you've assisted with. Can you please update it ❤️
  3. +1 helps with events a lot and would be good EP i support ya
  4. In Game Name Head Lorekeeper Warder Age 18 Discord Name Prometheus#5580 English Knowledge Really Good (Fluent) Previous Event Staff Experience Previous Gamemaster/Event making Experience: Gamemaster/ Senior Gamemaster Server(s): Reborn Gaming Time as position: I think it was about for 8/9 months total? (over 2 different runs) Previous Gamemaster/Event making Experience: Event Planner Server(s): Darth Networks (theres a new one wi