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  1. Sorry for the confusion regarding what people would do, wanted to keep it fluid and allow for an open interpretation of troop movement for AC. As for the Umbarans, it would be incorporated into the story Arc under the pretense of a basic attack. I'll keep those points in mind for the future though, cheers for responding.
  2. In Game Name 104th SGT MT ARCJSL-0080 Karl II Age 17 Discord Name Karl#0699 English Knowledge Really Good (Fluent) Previous Event Staff Experience I've had a multitude of EP experience, with most of the roles being connected to staffing or being a responsibility alongside being hierarchy. The following list includes my recollection of the most prominent servers I've had EP experience on: Werewolf Gaming (Head Mod) Hosted tons of events whilst I was staff there, 2x planetaries daily. The plot varied between each mission,
  3. In Game Name 104th SB JENF PFC 7900 Karl II Age 17 Discord Name Karl#0699 English Knowledge Really Good (Fluent) Previous Staff Experience I've had a large amount of staffing experience, the most prominent of which i'll share below: In 2016-17, I started playing on Werewolf Gaming. After three weeks, I applied for staff and was accepted into the position of T-mod. Shortly thereafter, around 5 days after becoming staff, passing my mentor ship tests and in addition due to me being elevated to a higher RP rank, I was promoted to Senior Mod.