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  1. Write suggestions here, you can decide a reward if you want there to be.
  2. Select at least 2 of your favourite Sith.
  3. Select at least 2 of your favourite characters. I tried to only put Jedi that are (some what) popular, there are way too many Jedi out there. I can only put up to 20 Jedi so sorry for not having everyone there 🙂
  4. Congratulations, Commander Gree has won the vote. Be sure to check out the discord banner!
  5. The Top 2 clones from each regiment have been selected and have been sent to the final vote (3 for RC because the second favourite was joint second) The winning clone from this final vote will be put as the banner for our discord for a week!
  6. We'll probably do that at another time. This is only our first event for the forums so not much thought has been put into it
  7. How does it work? Go through each and every regiment and pick your favourite Clone Troopers. On the 15th the two most favourite clones from each regiment will be accepted into the final vote. The winner of the last vote will be the new theme of the forum and discord banner for at least a week.
  8. Favourite 41st Clone Troopers (Pick more than one)
  9. Favourite ARC Clone Troopers (Pick more than one)
  10. Favourite 327th Clone Troopers (Pick more than one)
  11. Favourite RC Clone Troopers (Pick more than one)
  12. Favourite 212th Clone Troopers (Pick more than one)
  13. Favourite 91st Clone Troopers (Pick more than one)