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  1. +1 Recruitment Team please accept this guy. He's been so selfless and can confirm Mature for his age its insane, I think thats rare, as rare as a CSGO Knife in a case no joke.
  2. He is the best in terms of creating a character and sticking to their principles, he is a viable option, and is reliable enough to be considered for the EP team. +1
  3. Hes dedication is unreal and has enough time to prove wrong the non believers of those that dont have experience are a waste of time. I would like to reccomend him, due to me seeing the potential of ones capability to learn and the fact that everyone is creative, just give them time and platform. +1
  4. He is an all around known person for not only the amounts of ECs hes played but the IC rp hes done, I would like to reccome d him for his dedication, and RP abilities that the EP department can build upon +1
  5. I would like to reccomend how adaptable he is, this is his first server and in under 3 weeks of the first time he joined he was considered to be a Commander. I know the same will apply when it comes to EP department. +1
  6. Due to my previous experiences with the applicant, I would like to +1
  7. Rank: SGTM Regiment: 501st Farm Almanac: Chicken - B1 - 1300hp - E-5 variant - 20dmg/hit Cow - B2 - 2000hp - Droideka Sniper/DMR like weapon - 75dmg/hit Mars rover - Droideka - Max Health - Droideka blaster - 40dmg/hit Origami Fox - Commando Droid (back of the towers) - 1500hp - Any fast RPM sniper - 200dmg/hit White Origami Fox - Red Commando Droid - 2300hp - Good shotgun - up close 450dmg/hit Reason for the simulation: 501st has a two company system, which system we want to exploit as much as we can on the battlefield. This training
  8. heyo names Thomas 🤠(Tamas in my language, so its the same, buuut differeeeent) heres some basic stuff about me: -computer science engineer major -20y - ex-Revolution Gaming ARF -dec8 -6years in school theater, currently half a year in a professional Playback Theatre Group (improvisative underground-theatre) -vanilla -quarantine sucks ass😞 -hungary (hungry haha) -dog guy (dont have one tho) -501st ❤️ -Ahsoka Tano feet ❤️ -escaped from tarkov -im into politics (in general, but mainly my own country's) -Resident Evi
  9. I've read it 3 times by now, and discussed certain points of it with a friend of mine... Our conclusion: you should get trial EP n' lets see what you can do. 😄 +1 from me
  10. Hippity Hoppity I made a google DOCity... https://docs.google.com/document/d/1JVDBa61C2rQ4yT5M_cu2rfIUjkpdWYH3ZFfXKPRfYDI/edit?usp=sharing ❤️ for reading
  11. -Has previous experience in EPing -Separates Jedi and troopers in the example event, both parties get some action, good touch. -"...alternative perspective...." aka an even slightly different look on thing can be beneficiary to any team. -Grammar (you wrote Really Good (Fluent), so easily fixed, I fuck up sometimes myself); -In my opinion the event you wrote is classed as Small, technically can be called medium, but I feel like it lacks strong flavour, let your imagination flow, I'm sure as former or active GM you can come up with something real special. -"...I would a
  12. i suggest you my app... quite recent freash and more or less detailed good luck on your reapply with great detailed app, comes great chance for an interview ❤️
  13. In Game Name 501st SPC 1999 Thomas Age 20 Discord Name Thom01#8427 English Knowledge Good Previous Event Staff Experience Trial EP on Revolution/Trident Gaming back in '17 and early '18 as Thomas (Jackal and some other nicknames) (most of the time I was in sniper battalions ARF I remember clearly, and I did grappling hook trainings, thats what people might remember) Manager (under Zer0), then Head of EP on Mountain Networks early 19' as Thomas (I RPd in lots of regiments but the ones standing out are: 228th