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  1. The orange does look a little bright but that is no bother. As for everything else, I trust the references you get from the episodes will suffice for both lore and the troopers at least. 501st Legion are very basic and have a distinct design from the show that I trust you'll be aware of so design should be fine for you to handle. I do remember however for Fives, the back of his helmet, the design is something texture-ers always miss. It's a minor thing but a nice touch.
  2. Fxo's list, sent in the 501st Discord to confirm all were correct and we confirmed every single one:
  3. Due to me making the list back with the old modeller and me confirming it when Fxo sent it the other day, I've taken the liberty to make sure it's to the standard we were told about when the list was sent through the 501st Legion for validation. Commander Appo was more so he had the variation, the main look for Appo should be his Sergeant, as long as the inventory permits the "bodygroups" to make sure he's Commander-able. I see a lack of Jet Troopers on this list when they were asked for specifically for both Tano and a normal variant, so I'm assuming this one again would be handled
  4. In Game Name Jedi High General V1-SCCO Zara Age 19 Steam-ID STEAM_0:1:61988660 Discord Name Luke Call#1747 English Knowledge Really Good (Fluent) Previous Event Staff Experience I do not have specific event staff experience, but I have experience from previous roles with me being allowed to chime in and aid. This involving my development rank and what it brings allowing me to shape the way EPs want the chosen work to fu
  5. Full support for an unban, I understand Google can be somewhat of a minge sometimes but the evidence is there that he indeed only had 3 warnings that should've counted as active. I have before seen this with Apollo where he had an active warn which was a test from a trial mod, this was then kept as an active warn when the warn was removed because the one training the trial mod didn't remove the active warn also. So it is easy to forget they don't both remove on a warning removal. I have personally checked this evidence in case. Edit: Side tracked while writing this, would've been first re
  6. Hey everyone, The feedback from the Citadel System seems pretty good and I have to say it's been going well from what I've seen, people using it a whole bunch with the intention of a fast to go for system that allows for easy simulation setups. But I have seen concern for difficulty and even in some cases people wanting specific simulations like the Republic Commandos tryout that exists locked away to RC only. If you would like your own simulation added to the system for your regiment then please reply to this post with the below application. Rank: Regiment: Add to the
  7. Accepted Welcome to the Janitor Team!
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