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  1. Discord Name: Alazard#4604 Ingame Name: Alazard Steam ID: STEAM_0:0:71123158 Age: 15 Server game time: 0 hrs Nationality / Time zone: GMT+0, I'm from England. What days can you be active: Monday - approxmately 6 hours (5 till 11pm) Tuesday - approxmately 6 hours (5 till 11pm) Wednesday - approxmately 6 hours (5 till 11pm) Thursday - approxmately 5 hours (5 till 10pm) Friday - approxmately 8 hours (4 till 12pm) Saturday - approxmately 10-12 hours (11am/12am till 10/11pm) Sunday - approxmately 10-12 hours (11am/12am till 10/11pm) ----------------
  2. Posting this purely because I got bored and wanted to see what I could do with like 40 minutes of just sitting around listening to music making random things. This would potentially be what Phase 1 of a Navy Tryout would look like in the future most of it is just basically the application for the Navy Officer with some extra things added purely to test the abilities of applicants (Those specific questions would be judged less harshly). If you get a chance people take a look (Just don't submit anything) Thanks! https://docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1FAIpQLSdV6r1HzI7c5fNGHjr3-g3vCuFZBiLmA5AutQ
  3. +1, As Filed stated above your appliaction is incredibly good, the points inside are clear concise and you understand what Navy Officers are to do in the line of duty. Not only that you have clearly stated what the future of Navy would look like if you came to be in-charge which seems to be rather positive. Good luck man!
  4. +1 From my own personal experience with Lez, hes understanding and can sort out issues with help from others around him. Hes also quite relaxed and helps create friendlier enviroments. Sometimes he might not be the best but in my opinion he'd be an amazing asset to Navy to keep the peace when situations take a turn for the toxic side, with his friendly attitude he is an approachable person that has always been around to help out and is hard working as all hell. Good luck Lez I hope you get Navy Crewman man!
  5. +1, would be good to have some other timezone Naval Members to broaden their covered timezones. Not to mention you seem to understand what the jobs are for a naval crewman and how to perform them well. Good luck with your application.
  6. While I understand where you are coming from, I am applying for officer as in my opinion it would allow me to build a larger skill set. I'd be able to build my, Leadership Skills, Working inside of a Team, Managing Complaints, etc. This would not only help me in the future as a better example of my ability but also in my future career choice (I plan to run my own business). Currently, in my opinion, applying for Navy Officer is the current better option for myself. However I appreciate the thought and comment, not to mention I've lead teams in smaller numbers more often just not inside of SWRP
  7. Discord Name: Alazard#4604 Ingame Name: Alazard Steam ID: STEAM_0:0:71123158 Age: 15 Server game time: 0 hours Nationality/Time zone: GMT+0 I’m from England ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Why are you applying for the Imperial Navy? I am applying for the Imperial Navy due to the fact I am wanting to progress my personal ability to lead and get some experience to progress my understanding of leading. In the past I have been in a Navy position on CWRP, and the Navy in
  8. I suggest you attempt to add some more detail to your application, currently its okay but definitely could be much better if you added more detail by being more specific in the situational questions and/or going into much mor depth of what you can bring and the role of a Naval Officer.
  9. +1 If Bubbles can keep serious then he'd make an amazing Navy member, he understands clearly how to keep things going and how to complete and reaction certain situations. From my personal experience he is dependable when he cares about something (Like DU) and was incredibly good and helpful when it was on its low points.
  10. +1 Good luck! I hope you get it, you seem to understand how to deal with situations effectively and also understanding how to use the design of the ISD to your advantage. Your lore knowledge would also come in handy for certain situations. I completely support you, Good luck man!
  11. +1 Good application, great improvement from the last one! Good luck man!
  12. +1 Your application is incredibly detailed and spectacular! Despite me also wanting to go for the Purge CO position I'm gonna +1 you and wish you luck man!
  13. No problem man! Hope you can make a great application to push you to get the position you want!
  14. +1 Great application, you have my support Johnson! Good luck!
  15. For adding more detail, you could (if you have them) bring ideas to the table for the AAC?