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  1. Could not give more of a +1 to this dude. Sad to see him leave the CW AC team (potentially) but glad to see he is going for something that will bring him further entertainment as well as having the ability to help something that could benefit not only the imperial server but the entire community. He is great at leading, during events and on base, he has the best morale compass ive seen, always knows what to do in situations and can always rely on him to be honest with me about anything. Hope you get this position and help out 🙂 anyway, to prove I cant give more of a +1... +1
  2. 2 of these active warnings, are inactive but havent been changed to be made inactive due to a broken system. You shouldnt have been banned and I will more than happily unban you if this gets granted which it definitely will. However, the warn will stay as that was 100% valid.
  3. You were warned for abuse of custom job, you grapple hooked an AC in debrief, then whilst attempting to run away you grapple hooked up to D3, which i chose to shrug off but keep note off. Then as I was on my RC job, I saw you go into the jedi temple, I spectated you and told you that you had 10 seconds to get out otherwise you would be warned. You placed yourself so deep into the jedi temple... An area you arent allowed in, that it took you longer than 10 seconds to get out. Therefore you were warned. You recieved your 4th warning, resulting in a 2 week ban.
  4. +1 Ive known him for a long time and want to test his abilities as an EP to further assist me 🙂
  5. +1 Very surprised it took this long to apply for staff.
  6. In Game Name Commander Wolffe Age 19 Steam-ID STEAM_0:0:48973022 Discord Name Hezeus English Knowledge Really Good (Fluent) Previous Event Staff Experience I have been the equivalent rank of Head EP on a community called NXG. I said equivalent because we didnt have dedicated EPs from staff however I was known as the Lead EP. During my time being this lead on NXG, I would do multiple events including base at
  7. +1 Great activity, knows his stuff and known within the community.
  8. +1 incredibly active in game, knows his stuff in character, has a lot of experience as staff too.
  9. Just like to add considering ive only just became a lore character that my name before was Haze which people would know me by.
  10. In Game Name 104th WP LCPL 2043 Mortar Age 19 Discord Name Hezeus#7042 English Knowledge Really Good (Fluent) Previous Staff Experience I started off my SWRP experience with a server called SBG/NXG where I climbed to the rank of Head Admin (Head of Staff) with a staff team consisting of 70 people alongside the help of the head mod I was tutoring, overall my time as head admin was around 4 months however I spent well over a year climbing the