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  1. In Game Name Ahoska/Weeb Age 15 Steam-ID STEAM_0:1:478631322 Discord Name Weeb#6450 English Knowledge Good Previous Event Staff Experience I was an Ep Supervisor on aurora servers before and i went to different communities after and joined there as EP's until they died become a normal EP in most and senior in 2 with this i think most know my time here as ep in the pas. Why would you
  2. Denied Thank you for applying for the position of staff within the community. Unfortunately we have decided to deny this application. The reason behind us denying is Most is stated above. We hope this doesn't stop you from applying again and wish you the best of luck next time. The Reason for this denial is your a member of the event/staff team on another server on AS you can only be apart of AS event/staff team on our server no other server if you wish to apply later on your more than welcome to.
  3. Accepted Thank you for applying for the position of event staff within the community. I am pleased to announce we have accepted your application. For the next stage of the application you must complete an interview with an Senior Event planner on discord.Contact someone to begin the interview.
  4. In Game Name Hound Discord Name Stone What's the highest rank you've been on a server? SGTM/AC Aurora How long were you playing on that server, and as that rank for? Since Last September and SGTM from January to the rank reset Why are you no longer that rank and not playing that server? I am no longer that rank because of the rank reset and i am not AC as i was kicked for focusing on the regiment CG at the time since i am hound.