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  1. In my opinion, this aplication is quite lacklustre compared to other applications for both Navy and the CO applications. I can see hardly any skills displayed as it just being that you can be active, attempt to solve any problems and learn from your mistakes.
  2. +1 for the same reasons as Filed, I reckon you would be a great leader of the navy by the looks of this application.
  3. +1 as much as the application is a bit shocking, and his mic usually sounds like a dying cat, I know from seeing him that he just needs that level of learning to excel as a member of navy. I think he deserves a chance within naval as an experience for himself and to better the server. He was a true asset in the past within regiments and I reckon that would be the same if he was given a chance within navy.
  4. As good as the application is, I believe that you would be better off going for crewman purely due to getting the experience needed to also lead navy along the way up. It makes more sense to start off low then go right for the top of the chain when attempting to learn and get more experience as Navy/AC.
  5. Discord Name: Bubbles#4479 Ingame Name: Bubbles Steam ID: STEAM_0:1:520161411 Age: 15 Server game time: Like 50-60 hours at least in the previous releases Nationality / Time zone: British man ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Why are you applying for the Imperial Navy? I am interested in having more experience as I have literally been everything at this point other than Navy/AC. I want to help out with keeping stuff happening on the server so that it doesn't end up dying aga
  6. +1 has good experience / docs and overall a strong application
  7. Says the person who got banned for reaching for 4 warns
  8. In Game Name CG HPT MT TRNE Bubbles / Jedi Padawan Boobles Age 15 Steam-ID STEAM_0:1:520161411 Discord Name Bubbles#4479 English Knowledge Really Good (Fluent) Previous Event Staff Experience Used to be EP supervisor on here and EP on the imperial beforehand Why would you like to join our event staff team? Want to help out the CW while I wait for the Imperial to rerele
  9. What is your Minecraft username? BackIn1996 Why do you want this position? I'm most likely gonna be playing this a lot so I might as well apply for staff, already been helping this out as a builder so I may as well help out further as a moderator and stop people from committing several minecraft war crimes. Any previous experience in a Moderator position? Mod on the Clone wars and Imperial, very cool builder man on the minecraft
  10. It's not a waste of time when talking to friends yay happiness