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  1. It’s alright he’s only half gay
  2. In Game Name CT PVT 4782 Sky Discord Name Sky#7417 Who banned you? Memeti How long was the ban? 3 days Reason for the ban Apparently causing the mass murder of 10 players before my vicious rampage was ended by Memeti banning me, I'm not sure I wasn't actually there but from the angry DMs of Bear telling me I blew him up I can piece together what happened. Explain in detail why you should be unbanned I forgot to close and lock my
  3. Balancing - Nerfed NPC healths down by around a third of what they were originally (So 600HP NPCs are downed to 400HP) - Nerfed all unit HPs, troopers baseline at 100 and climb to 250 by commanding officer. RC, AC and Specs may have different healths - All Jedi now have a constant 1000HP (Excluding Youngling) General Features - Added new talk modes, allowing you to talk within whisper, normal and yell ranges in VC - Changed a lot of how the background lua runs on the server, allowing us to make more features easier - Redesigned regen shield, you now have 50 r
  4. Yeah but what about Sky
  5. Sky

    Why not

    What do you mean waste time?
  6. We back at it again, no time to even think, another week of updates, let's see what's happened: Increased width of chatbox, no longer short af Character limit raised from 126 to 300 in chat messages Chat timestamps now show in 24HR instead of 12HR to prevent confusion with "PM" Add SteamID to join and leave messages Burst setting on the CG DC-15A removed to prevent the exploit of the DC-15X mode on the rifle Fixed bug where player would sometimes get duplicated "[AFK] tag in their name Speeder shot damage nerfed from 300 to 50 damage a shot Upda
  7. I'm unable to confirm in logs about the situation, however I have to trust Deenhams Senior Admin judgement that what happened did happen. However while looking through the logs I saw a lot of good roleplay and action from Mike. So because of that I'm +1'ing this appeal
  8. Cleaned chat, please keep the thread clear for only evaluations of the applicant.
  9. So I promised I'd start doing these Patch Notes again and I completely forgot, it wasn't until I was hit by some random bitch boy on Discord that I realised I still fell back on being lay-z. We haven't had a patch notes in a month, how are we gonna recover from this? A big patch note boogaloo? No, just last weeks updates, let's get into it: Doom's Unit CQB model was changed More on base NPC changes, why? Because we love base NPCs and they love you. Doom's Unit Spec slots increased from 4 to 6 212th now have a custom variant of the DC-15A rifle over their old DC-15AS, t
  10. Sky


    Imagine being banned for being a wookie
  11. Sky


    No-one reply, Charlie just wants the free internet points
  12. Thread locked until review, some people didn't listen to my irrelevant conversation point in my previous post and are now restricted from posting until the review is complete. Hope that it happens soon or you'll be gone for a while 😛