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Nine Zero's EP Application

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Discord Name: Daímonas#9682
Ingame Name: AMC CRMN PFC 2569 Nine Zero
Steam ID: STEAM_0:1:57804969

Age: 21

Nationality / Time zone: GMT

What days can you be active: Pretty much everyday for majority of the day


Do you have a working Mic? Yes

Do you understand you cannot be staff on another community? Yes


Why would you like to join our Event staff team? 

I would like to join the staff team as I believe that I can give the community fun and interesting events which are both combat and passively themed in order to ensure there is always something going on for people to get involved in.



 Do you have any previous Event Staff experience?

I have experience as EP on Werwolf Gaming CW, Aurora CW, as well as the below

S-EP on Mountain networks CW, Pixel Networks CW, as well as below

Head EP on Leonid Gaming Combine Vs Rebels (Was a start up for a friend),  Another CW server but the name escapes me 



Write out your first event plan including detail about your event such as the map used, what happens, etc.

Map: Star Destroyer

Side Characters:
Moff Azeheil - 500 (till the end where he will be assasinated)

In Character Objectives:
If possible command regiments to do these tasks (if not then standard stuff really)

AAC - Take the frontlines to defend from the rebel assault

AMC - Divide forces between repairs of the Reactor Bay and assisting the front lines

ASC - Divide between assisting the defence of the Reactor Bay with AMC and guarding the Navy

OOC Execution:
The Moff arrives in a damaged Tie fighter  landing and warning the ship of incoming attack from a rebel fleet which ambushed his frigate causing him to flee... Unknown to the rest of the ship a Jedi has infiltrated and damaged the ships reactor causing the shields to drop and allowing the rebels to exit hyperspace and begin their assault. After a fair while of rebel bombardment and cultists being kept busy with the jedi, a blockade runner will exit hyperspace and begin another bombardment on the exterior, ensuring more confusion within the imperial forces allowing the rebels to seek out and assasinate the Moff who warned them of the attack.  (Side note of if the jedi falls then the rebels forces will begin to thin out, if the jedi survives then the assault stays at full force)

(This will lead as a beginning for a later event where the events above will be brought up)

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