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  • In Game Name
    104th CBMT RMT ARC-29 SGT Dash
  • Age
  • Steam-ID
  • Discord Name
  • English Knowledge
    Really Good (Fluent)
  • Previous Event Staff Experience

    I was ep on bangies,Avalon, Astro networks which was my own community which was a server I owned and helped the event team when it was low there, aurora servers clone wars 

  • Why would you like to join our event staff team?

    I’d like to become an ep again because we are in lockdown again and I will be having more free time to come on the server and help events and not back out last minute this time also I wanna try help out with events on the event server for each regiments. 

  • Why should you be an event planner?

    I have experience as an ep here. I also have been watching a lot of the clone wars a lot lately to get some inspiration for events to do in the future. I have a lot of free time now to do events and not dropping out last minute like before. And I would like to try different types of events for the server for example infiltration,prison break and 3 hour operation maybe

  • Please provide an example of a medium-sized event.

    A CIS fleet have broken through anaxas blockade and start to attack rf while trying to capture RF . The CIA drop pods on mhb and ahb. A group of Commando droids manage to breach into atc and 

    they manage to capture an ac hostage and 104th are sent to atc to negotiate with the commando droids. While to keep the other regiments happy rc can infiltrate some of the munis and 212th can try do tank patrols and 501st taking out the droids in LS. Dooms unit can deal with droids in ahb. 

  • Do you understand if any of this application has been copied or lied about you will be removed from your position?
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