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Sloth's Naval CO Application

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Discord Name: Sloth#9400
Ingame Name: Sloth
Steam ID: STEAM_0:1:43210208

Age: 20

Server game time: N/A

Nationality / Time zone: British / GMT


Why are you applying for the Imperial Navy?

I wish for a change of pace, and I believe I can bring some good experience. I feel that the Navy needs to be managed correctly or else it will fail to keep players happy.


What skills do you have that would make you a valuable member of Naval? 

On the Clone Wars side of Aurora Servers, I was Second-In-Command of the Army Command there, learning under the General about the values of leadership and how to properly handle such a task. I feel the experience I learned there, plus all other experience I have within the CW Army Command will allow me to properly understand how to properly manage the Navy, as well as turn it into an efficient command structure.


Please state the role of the Naval Officer:

The Naval Officer is in charge of the Navy, ensuring that the crewmen are doing their jobs of keeping the troops properly trained and ready for anything. The Naval Officers observe the Crewmen and keep them up to standards, as well as making sure the crewmen understand their jobs properly.


What can you bring to the Imperial Navy as an Officer?

I am good with leadership and command, understanding the nuances of both and how to make it work. I also understand how to properly train and inspire others, working with them to ensure they are working to their best and knowing how they can improve.


Situational questions (to test your Naval Knowledge)

A fire has broken out in the MHB from a bunch of supply crates and is spreading rapidly, you estimate it will grow out of control in a matter of minutes what. What do you do? 

Seal MHB and jettison the cargo, disabling the magnetic field to allow the vacuum of space to extinguish the fire, then resealing the Emergency Airlock door before sending in the Security Company and Motorized Company to ensure the safety of the Hangar, as well as the mechanisms of the Hangar before the magnetic shield can be reactivated and the Hangar Bay Door opened

A unidentified ship enters Imperial Controlled Space near the ISD. They have not sent any transmissions and are not in a registered Imperial Ship. What do you do?

Atttempt to hail the ship, whilst dispatching pilots to escort the ship to the lower Hangar Bay of the ISD. If there is no response from the ship, the Security Company will be sent to secure the Hangar in case anything leaves the ship, while the Assault Company will be dispatched to slowly enter and secure the ship from the inside. Should any hostiles be inside, the AC will deal with them.

If the ship does respond, I will communicate with them accordingly, informing them they are in restricted space and unregistered, and must prepare to be boarded and searched, at which point they will be directed into the Hangar for a similar procedure as stated above, however with Security forces entering the ship, instead of Assault.

The Ship has been hit by a EMP and has lost all power while in a combat situation, what do you do?

The Motorized company will be dispatched to the power systems to ensure minimal damage and a smooth reactivation of the power as soon as is possible. Security Company will be deployed to any Naval personnel to secure them in a defensible location, and Assault Company will be sent to secure any access points, such as Hangars and docking ports. Any pilots will be ordered to continue their assault on any hostiles in the nearby airspace, however to prioritize any ships that appear to be targetting key systems, such as engines, shields or Bridge.

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Could not give more of a +1 to this dude. Sad to see him leave the CW AC team (potentially) but glad to see he is going for something that will bring him further entertainment as well as having the ability to help something that could benefit not only the imperial server but the entire community. He is great at leading, during events and on base, he has the best morale compass ive seen, always knows what to do in situations and can always rely on him to be honest with me about anything. Hope you get this position and help out 🙂 anyway, to prove I cant give more of a +1...


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