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Alazard's Navy CO Application

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Discord Name: Alazard#4604

Ingame Name: Alazard

Steam ID: STEAM_0:0:71123158

Age: 15

Server game time: 0 hours

Nationality/Time zone: GMT+0 I’m from England


Why are you applying for the Imperial Navy?

I am applying for the Imperial Navy due to the fact I am wanting to progress my personal ability to lead and get some experience to progress my understanding of leading. In the past I have been in a Navy position on CWRP, and the Navy in it didn’t do their jobs and by that token were not up to scratch in my opinion on that server I was offered the rank of Lt. Commander due to my persistence in getting things done properly, however I turned down the position due to at that time I personally believed the other Navy member at the time was a better option, after receiving the position he didn’t bother with being online, doing docs etc. (At the time I had taken on HoM, Air Marshall, 2 Regiment, Regimental Trainer and Officer Training so I was already completely full for work).




What skills do you have that would make you a valuable member of Naval?

During my time inside the Navy on Universal Networks, I learnt how certain jobs need to be done and how to communicate opinions better, this allows me to better assist the lower ranking members of the Navy regiment in some of their tasks instead of just removing them for not doing it properly.

I also try to understand where others are coming from, I may not understand at first but with time I learn to understand their point of view. This was because over time I’ve attempted to learn where others are coming from and what they’re trying to convey to me, this would hopefully  allow me to better deal with complaints and reasonings people may want things added, etc.

I understand what it’s like to be trying to help revive a leading regiment, DU on CWRP at the time of me and bubbles leading at first wasn’t doing great due to issues from an inactive CO that eventually just leaves to being ranted at by AC. I understand how this can make people in that regiment feel, allowing me to better deal with these issues and understand how people might feel in these situations and how to help them to a better degree.

Making documents is something I don’t find hard I can sit down and make them fairly easily (To what I believe is a decent quality), this allows me to sit down and easily make documentation that is required for Navy e.g Rosters, Guides, Bodygroup Documentation etc. https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1k48tPgs-8h4gvGR6ZrhDWMsrsoTIV5Tx9AMppwlXD1Q/edit?usp=sharing this is an example of a Roster I have made, it includes an Information page, Roster, Branch Roster, K/D/B logs, Rank Structure (For Navy), and eventually would include a promotion log (Helps me better keep track of promotions)




Please state the role of the Naval Officer:

 In my opinion, the role of a Naval Officer is to assist in the maintaining of the ISD, Level of Training the Troopers undergo, the Company’s activity, performance and behaviour (To an acceptable level), ensure that other Navy aren’t struggling and are doing their jobs properly, to understand the POVs of people and make decisions based off of those POVs, and finally to ensure that all the members of the community are enjoying themselves.



What can you bring to the Imperial Navy as an Officer?

 As stated in the “What skills do you have that would make you a valuable member of Naval?” I’m able to understand the struggles of reviving regiments that dying, understanding other peoples POVs, etc.

As somebody who has been through regiments dying multiple times (Most people have), I’m able to better diagnose the issues and causes of regiments dying. This isn’t always the most obvious reasoning, e.g There is an active CO but barely any of his troopers come online, Events are happening etc. Usually this would point to either, a lack of motivation to play on the server or issues inside of the server that caused them to quit. In this situation I’d contact each of them via Discord and ask for their reasonings for leaving (that or I’d ask their Assigned Navy to do so.) and based on that attempt to fix the issue (if it is out of my power talk to Management about it)

I’m not the most experienced in this field of leading, however I understand how to lead regiments and where to send them in emergency situations. I’m good at taking in information and storing it temporarily, however sometimes I can stutter when giving out speeches etc. (This is mainly due to bullying in my life causing me to lose my self confidence when speaking to larger groups of people. This usually gets fixed after I spend some time doing so)

I’m able to understand when people may have too much work on their plate, e.g Head of a Branch also having a troublesome regiment in my opinion would be too much work, so I’d reassign them or deassign them from any regiments.

Finally, I don’t keep grudges so when people insult, or belittle me I’m able to forget it and move on with ease. This allows me to better keep myself unbiased in that regard, this also allows me to give people a 2nd chance easier and keep myself from quitting purely because somebody called me shit at my job etc. Basically in short terms I’m able to take a fairly large amount of bullshit till I quit for good.



Situational questions (to test your Naval Knowledge)

A fire has broken out in the MHB from a bunch of supply crates and is spreading rapidly, you estimate it will grow out of control in a matter of minutes what. What do you do?

 Immediately I call all units to evacuate MHB and all units that do not have Fire Extinguishers to sweep the ship to search for any other fires in case it spreads via pipe systems etc. After that, I’d make sure nobody else is inside the MHB after confirming it’s empty I’d shut all vents and lock blast doors then slowly direct the smoke to areas outside the ship, I’d then have any units armed with Fire Extinguishers to move to the MHB and extinguish any left over fires.



An unidentified ship enters Imperial Controlled Space near the ISD. They have not sent any transmissions and are not in a registered Imperial Ship. What do you do?

I’d send a transmission asking for identification threatening that if they do not hand it over we will open fire, I’d then lock onto it with a tractor beam, deploy a small unit of Tie-Fighters to patrol the space around them. If they don’t respond with identification after 3 requests at regular intervals (Approx 3-4 minutes in between requests) then I’d prepare to send a boarding crew to investigate the vessel (Potentially made up of ASC with a few AAC to assist) if the ASC and AAC stop responding for 15-25 minutes I’d open fire on the vessel assuming they are no longer with us and either the Vessel is hostile or the vessel has something on board capable of wiping out squads of troopers with relative ease, making it too dangerous for further investiagtion.

The ship has been hit by an EMP and has lost all power while in a combat situation, what do you do?

I’d immediately order all engineer trained units to get our reactor back online, and to initiate our backup generator. I’d order all units to prepare for battle and to report to all their battlestations (Though by that point I’d most likely have done drills with them to ensure they understand what to do in these situations without Communications etc.) I’d then have ASC lockdown bridge with all Navy inside in-case of an assination attempt having a couple split off to defend high value areas.
After the Reactor is back online, I’d ask for an immediate Sitrep from all units. After I’ve a grasp of the situation I’d continue my orders. (Too many possible outcomes to continue listing orders in my opinion)

(Would like to note that this was made whilst I wasn't feeling great so I apologize for typing errors, poor sentence structures etc.)

Thank you for taking the time to read, evaluate and diagnose my application and thank you for the opportunity to apply.

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As good as the application is, I believe that you would be better off going for crewman purely due to getting the experience needed to also lead navy along the way up. It makes more sense to start off low then go right for the top of the chain when attempting to learn and get more experience as Navy/AC. 

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8 hours ago, Bubbles said:

As good as the application is, I believe that you would be better off going for crewman purely due to getting the experience needed to also lead navy along the way up. It makes more sense to start off low then go right for the top of the chain when attempting to learn and get more experience as Navy/AC. 

While I understand where you are coming from, I am applying for officer as in my opinion it would allow me to build a larger skill set. I'd be able to build my, Leadership Skills, Working inside of a Team, Managing Complaints, etc. This would not only help me in the future as a better example of my ability but also in my future career choice (I plan to run my own business). Currently, in my opinion, applying for Navy Officer is the current better option for myself. However I appreciate the thought and comment, not to mention I've lead teams in smaller numbers more often just not inside of SWRP hence me not mentioning it.

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Posting this purely because I got bored and wanted to see what I could do with like 40 minutes of just sitting around listening to music making random things. This would potentially be what Phase 1 of a Navy Tryout would look like in the future most of it is just basically the application for the Navy Officer with some extra things added purely to test the abilities of applicants (Those specific questions would be judged less harshly). If you get a chance people take a look (Just don't submit anything) Thanks! 


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I and the Council have decided your fate:


We have denied this app for a variety of reasons, we recommend you applying for Crewman and or applying for motorised to build up experience.


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