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Mayos Navy Crewman App

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Discord Name: Mayo#3334
Ingame Name: Mayo
Steam ID: STEAM_0:1:550350383

Age: 20

Server game time: Server not up yet.

Nationality / Time zone:  German/CET


Why are you applying for the Imperial Navy?

Because I want to help the Navy ones the Servers up and fill in the the spots that are open and rank up in it so I can lead the Navy to greatness and success  of it and to find it how the navy works because this is my first time as navy when the server is up.




What skills do you have that would make you a valuable member of Naval? 

I can be a very active member in the Server if I need to lead an Event if no Naval officer or higher up is on I will do it with good RP and more I have like 500+ hours of game time in  Garrys mod I can do much RP if I have to if there is a Problem on the Ship I will do the best to deal with it and can be very serious about things and im always ready to learn from my Misstakes if I do them and learn more about my Job that im assigned to.




Please state the role of the Naval Crewman:

Managing the Ship.

Giving Orders to the Regiments from the Naval Officer.

Do meetings with the Regiments.

Deal with Problems inside Regiments.

And tell the Naval Officer the News.

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+1, would be good to have some other timezone Naval Members to broaden their covered timezones. Not to mention you seem to understand what the jobs are for a naval crewman and how to perform them well. Good luck with your application.

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In my opinion, this aplication is quite lacklustre compared to other applications for both Navy and the CO applications. I can see hardly any skills displayed as it just being that you can be active, attempt to solve any problems and learn from your mistakes.

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Thank you for applying. After reviewing this application and others, I regret to inform you that this application has been denied. I encourage you to spend some time on the server, learn the role of the Navy from the active Navy members, and gain some skills pertaining to leadership and command.


Navy CO Rhys

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