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Lez’s navy crewman app

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Discord Name: Owen#8823
Ingame Name: ST TRP 5644 Lez
Steam ID:  https:/steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561198185280134


Server game time: server isn’t up yet

Nationality / Time zone: English gmt


Why are you applying for the Imperial Navy?

I’m applying for navy cause I have had experience as navy from old servers and I wanna help out the imperial server a lot now And be very active for the job. 




What skills do you have that would make you a valuable member of Naval? 
I have experience as a commander 3 times and I was navy/fleet on 3 servers. 
I have over 2500 hours on gmod or more I think. I have loads of dupes on old servers to use for trainings. I am super serious in swrp and don’t minge a lot 





Please state the role of the Naval Crewman:

1 to deal with any ic issues on ship 

2 to host trainings or mandos for the ship 

3 make sure the commanders aren’t abusing there role and  leading there troops well 

4 make sures everything goes well on ship and off ship




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  • Lez changed the title to Lez’s navy crewman app

From my own personal experience with Lez, hes understanding and can sort out issues with help from others around him. Hes also quite relaxed and helps create friendlier enviroments. Sometimes he might not be the best but in my opinion he'd be an amazing asset to Navy to keep the peace when situations take a turn for the toxic side, with his friendly attitude he is an approachable person that has always been around to help out and is hard working as all hell. Good luck Lez I hope you get Navy Crewman man!

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+1 as much as the application is a bit shocking, and his mic usually sounds like a dying cat, I know from seeing him that he just needs that level of learning to excel as a member of navy. I think he deserves a chance within naval as an experience for himself and to better the server. He was a true asset in the past within regiments and I reckon that would be the same if he was given a chance within navy.

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