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Bubbles's Very Epic Naval Crewman Application

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Discord Name: Bubbles#4479
Ingame Name: Bubbles
Steam ID: STEAM_0:1:520161411

Age: 15

Server game time: Like 50-60 hours at least in the previous releases

Nationality / Time zone: British man


Why are you applying for the Imperial Navy?

I am interested in having more experience as I have literally been everything at this point other than Navy/AC. I want to help out with keeping stuff happening on the server so that it doesn't end up dying again especially after everything that. I'd say Navy has ended up being one of the biggest issues in the past so I am hoping that if I get into the position I can help to stop the issue by trying to avoid all the issues I have personally seen in the past and help the Imperial grow.  I personally enjoy doing trainings and such so I want to basically fully invest in being able to do trainings as well as taking command when applicable. 




What skills do you have that would make you a valuable member of Naval? 

I have decent experience at leading, including both times as an IST commissioned officer and leading DU in the past like how Alazard explained in his application. I have been naval in the past, for short periods, so I sort of know what I'm doing. I have the knowledge of 1500 hours of Gmod, I can be serious when need be, but not be an absolute cunt at the same time. Not exactly a skill but I'm able to be active the majority of the time. I have managed regiments before decently also.




Please state the role of the Naval Crewman:
1. To begin managing the server from a more IC approach.
2. To give commands to regiments during on ship attacks/possibly planetaries? Depends on what systems are put in place for planetaries.

3. To sort out any IC issues.

4. To do trainings and meetings within regiments.

5. Make sure everything runs smoothly.

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If Bubbles can keep serious then he'd make an amazing Navy member, he understands clearly how to keep things going and how to complete and reaction certain situations. From my personal experience he is dependable when he cares about something (Like DU) and was incredibly good and helpful when it was on its low points.

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