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Discord Name: HACKER MAN#1990
Ingame Name: CG SBHP PVT 7240 Liam
Steam ID: https://steamcommunity.com/id/Mcfcliam162020/

Age: 16

Server game time: n/a

Nationality / Time zone: GMT


Why are you applying for the Imperial Navy?

 I am applying for naval as I have done most regiments now and I wish to pursue a higher position to assist and aid the empire. I am also applying for Navy as it has interested me to learn how it runs and copes with multiple stressful situation.


What skills do you have that would make you a valuable member of Naval? 

·         I can manage multiple people / regiments at a time

·         I am a very active member

·         I can also do long amounts of rp

·         I can handle very stressful situations in a calm and collected manor


Please state the role of the Naval Officer:

Manage the ship and make sure that the ship is in working condition and kept like that and to manage regimental training and anything else required from a higher ranked situation  


What can you bring to the Imperial Navy as an Officer?

I can bring my experience and skill to the Navy as I have spent most of my time on the clone wars server and learned their ways so I have learnt how ac handle situations and manage operations


Situational questions (to test your Naval Knowledge)

A fire has broken out in the MHB from a bunch of supply crates and is spreading rapidly, you estimate it will grow out of control in a matter of minutes what. What do you do? 

Lock The MHB door and vent the atmosphere to space as a fire need oxygen to survive if that does not work I would get engineers to counter the fire long enough to scuttle the ship if it spreads to much

A unidentified ship enters Imperial Controlled Space near the ISD. They have not sent any transmissions and are not in a registered Imperial Ship. What do you do?

Send a TIE squadron to escort them to the ship and send naval security to arrest the people for the ships and question them to see if they are spies or if they have any useful information for the empire

The Ship has been hit by a EMP and has lost all power while in a combat situation, what do you do?

Send Engineers immediately to get the power back up and put us to battle stations to counter any boarding parties that may happen.

If it came down to a Lethal Blow to the ship I would order a scuttle / evacuation to save as many people as I can but I would go down with the ship

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