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Phillip's Naval CO Application

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Discord Name: Phillips2k
Ingame Name: Phillip
Steam ID: https://steamcommunity.com/id/Philli822/

Age: 19 

Server game time: N/A

Nationality / Time zone: PST


Why are you applying for the Imperial Navy?

I am applying for the Imperial Navy as the role of a CO is to express leadership. I believe that I can do this exceptionally well. Naval requires practice, confidence, and an attitude unlike any other regiment. The Naval provides opportunities to show leadership while also learn from others. I would  like to maintain a well organized and efficient Naval regiment that does not revolve around Naval expressing authority over others. Naval is a role assigned to those who are willing to put the gameplay of others first. 




What skills do you have that would make you a valuable member of Naval? 

I have essential leadership skills and have previously been Admiral and Grand Admiral on multiple servers. I have public speaking skills and I do not get nervous under pressure nor do I break character. I have compiled and written multiple Naval handbooks and Guides that I will share with the server that will lay out what it means to be naval and how naval will be expressed in the server. Communication is key to creating a team in any situation. I also have a firm belief that one must know when to exert power and when to step down and let others lead over. My strongest skill is that of socialization. In RP I won’t break character but it is important to maintain a friendly relationship with all members of the community regardless of rank. 




Please state the role of the Naval Officer:

The role of the Naval officer is to be a leader and issue commands to others. With this responsibility comes a power that in many cases leads to an abuse. The Navy has power over others and that is why they are the most essential to any RP situation. They ensure there is always an objective that others can be focused on. They do not have the right to steal attention because they are Naval. Their job is to teach, lead, and acknowledge that they are the example for others to follow.  



What can you bring to the Imperial Navy as an Officer?

I can bring my 200+ hours as a CO in Naval. I can bring all that I have learned from my time taking leadership courses and learnings from all sources. I have extensive guides on Naval that can be altered according to how the owners would like Naval run. I can bring clear communication and act as a middle man between players and owners. I am always learning which means I am always seeking to be taught new things. I also have extensive knowledge on lore and will provide assistance in any way to ensure that all players enjoy their time on the ISD. 



Situational questions (to test your Naval Knowledge)

A fire has broken out in the MHB from a bunch of supply crates and is spreading rapidly, you estimate it will grow out of control in a matter of minutes what. What do you do? 

My first objective would be to find out what exactly is in the crates in MHB and determine if they will complicate the situation. If the fire visibly was spreading I would then isolate the fire by closing all the doors in MHB except for the large door. I would then remove the rayshield so that the lack of oxygen will douse the flames. I would then reactivate the shields and make certain that no trooper lives were lost. I would then get an investigation as to what started the fire.



A unidentified ship enters Imperial Controlled Space near the ISD. They have not sent any transmissions and are not in a registered Imperial Ship. What do you do?

Identify the class of ship. I immediately change the Defcon to 3.  I would attempt a transmission with the ship. Lock all the hanger bay doors and attempt another transmission. If the ship is of frigate size then I would engage tractor beam and notify the nearest ISD for Assistance. I would then pull the ship in and have troopers board the ship. Shock and ISB would take prisoners for questioning as well as have them tear apart the ship. IF the unidentified ship was larger than a frigate and was that of a Cruiser, Corvette, or destroyer. I would immediately call of assistance for another ISD, Interdictor, and support ships. I would then deploy TIE’s and engage to disable the ship.

The Ship has been hit by a EMP and has lost all power while in a combat situation, what do you do?

I would immediately send engineers to the main reactor to restore power who are to be guarded by shock. I would then get a time frame from the engineers after they asses the damage. If it was salvageable I would maintain a Defcon 2 and try to get power restored or diverted to comms. The priority would be to determine if the ship is already lost. If the threat was external meaning we are being shot at by Cruisers, frigates, or destroyers then I would go to Defcon 1 and escape to the plant below if there is one. 



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+1, As Filed stated above your appliaction is incredibly good, the points inside are clear concise and you understand what Navy Officers are to do in the line of duty. Not only that you have clearly stated what the future of Navy would look like if you came to be in-charge which seems to be rather positive. Good luck man!

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