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The Mole †††'s EP Application

The Mole †††  

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  • In Game Name
  • Age
  • Steam-ID
  • Discord Name
  • English Knowledge
  • Previous Event Staff Experience

    I have no experience as a Event Staff but I have some experience as a Event Helper.

  • Why would you like to join our event staff team?

    I have been recommended to try to send this application to become one because I have heard that it would be nice to see more and other people that want to join the event staff.

  • Why should you be an event planner?

    I would personally say that I would be a huge helper as a Event Helper. But also(depends on my mood and how creative I am) I can create/plan out a event or a planetary for the whole server. So no one is left out 

  • Please provide an example of a medium-sized event.

    I did wrote a example of a event, but I wouldn’t say that it is a medium-sized event. The document that I wrote(in google docs) was inspired from the Dead Space games and its lore. While still holding around to be most mainly towards Star Wars Lore.

    The Scary Zombie Event, The Hivemind.pdf


    But if that isn’t counted as a medium-sized event(which I personally would say it isn’t), then I would perhaps make a event that people on the Anexis base would meet/find a group of people that being hunted down by Bounty Hunters. Because this specific group of people are slaves for a criminal group, which is forcing the slaves to work in the blackmarket. Like for example being a drug mule, selling people’s body parts etc. And from there, depends what people at Anexis will choose, that they can help the people out personally and bring down this criminal mastermind behind this. Or as a second option, after taking care of the Bounty Hunters(if being to rude towards them a medium-sized CIS forces will attack the base to bring the slaves back) they will send the slaves on a LAAT and bring them to the Galactic Court and wait what will happen from there.

  • Do you understand if any of this application has been copied or lied about you will be removed from your position?
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