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Baguette's EP Application


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  • In Game Name
    RC-1136 PFC Darman
  • Age
  • Steam-ID
  • Discord Name
    Cute Baguette#9821
  • English Knowledge
  • Previous Event Staff Experience

    I have not acquired any event staff expierence either, but everyone has to start somewhere with this too.


  • Why would you like to join our event staff team?

    By becoming a part of the event staff team I hope to benefit the server positively by bringing great events, ranging from small base attacks to large scale planetaries. Since I am quite active i have more then enough time to do events. Another reason as to why I would want to become a part of the event staff team is that I have been playing on the server a long time and enjoyed all the time I spent on it. Due to this I would like to give back to the community in the form of creating good events that will be enjoyed by all.

  • Why should you be an event planner?

    While I do not have any form of experience that makes me the perfect candidate for the job, I am very structured in the way I plan things. As a result this can lead to well thought out events with all possible outcomes covered so that I will not get caught by suprise when the players decide to do something unexpected. If my planning ends up not covering every possible outcome I am also very quick at improvising things in case things go in an unplanned direction. 

  • Please provide an example of a medium-sized event.

    The general idea of my medium event would be that there are going to be multiple smaller attacks across the FOBs distracting everyone from main base. After most of the troops have been orderd to leave the main base the real attack starts.

    For the event the following things would be needed:

    • Map: Anaxes
    • Event Staff: 1 required 2 preffered
    • Event Characters: 2 required 4 preffered

    At the start of the event the RF  will be filled with droids waiting to be discoverd, after they have been discovered the diversion attacks will start. While the droids in the RF are being engaged a small attack force consisting of 2 b1 droppods and a b2 pod and 1 player commando droid will be sent to WV and RAD. After the rpublic forces have been sent out to deal with the smaller attacks a new wave of droppods will replace the old ones, to buy enough time. During this time MHB should be open enough for a small squad of commando droids to infiltrate and destroy the reactor, with support from a munificent and 3-5 droppods as cover to guarantee their infiltration. Using the shadows as their cover, the commandos will move to ATC and try  to cause as much possible havoc. (within RP reasons ofcourse)

  • Do you understand if any of this application has been copied or lied about you will be removed from your position?
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Thank you for applying! Congratulations, your application has been accepted! You will be contacted by your trainer ASAP! Welcome to the AS Event Team!

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