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  • In Game Name
    Army CI SSGT Kres
  • Age
  • Steam-ID
  • Discord Name
  • English Knowledge
    Really Good (Fluent)
  • Previous Event Staff Experience

    TEP on Eclipse Networks (Resigned Recently Issues Related to that were resolved)

  • Why would you like to join our event staff team?

    I would like to join the EP team as during trainings current ep's have told me that what I'm doing is a good idea but not executed right because of no EP experience, therefore I am applying due to the fact with being AC not being an EP holds me back a lot, and if I became staff I would be ready to learn off of more experienced EP's.

  • Why should you be an event planner?

    I should be EP because I want to provide fun small events during the day for example small passive events or other types like base attacks, to summarise I should be EP because I want to provide a fun experience during the day not just at prime time planetary's.


  • Please provide an example of a medium-sized event.

    To me a medium size event would involve 2-3 EC's and would start with a faint transmission starting with this >Establishing Connection To Republic PA System, then would go up 10% up to 100% then a transmission would play. >Mandalorians have invaded our homeworld location Warrak Moon of  Mandalore (A civilian planet).

    Then you would rush to take off and a map change would happen to example map: appo_attackdefense a small map for an attack on a compound.

    The 3 EC's would include 2 Civilians and 1 Mandalorian Leader

    The Civilians would be held hostage across a battlefield where explosions are going off all around them.

    The Mandalorian Leader would be taunting the troopers in Open Comms for example "You pathetic Republic Dogs think you can beat us hah! wrong". he may say random quotes in mando'a saying

    "brothers be  clan yeagh vi're at akaanir at cuun kyr'yc kar'am! - Brothers of  Clan Yeagh we're to fight to our last breath!"

    "These pathetic republic dogs mirdir val liser brokar mhi bal hiibir norac these parasites at ogir warm homes - These pathetic republic dogs think they can beat us and take back these parasites to there warm homes"


  • Do you understand if any of this application has been copied or lied about you will be removed from your position?
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