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  • In Game Name
    CT PVT 4782 Sky
  • Discord Name
  • Who banned you?
  • How long was the ban?
    3 days
  • Reason for the ban

    Apparently causing the mass murder of 10 players before my vicious rampage was ended by Memeti banning me, I'm not sure I wasn't actually there but from the angry DMs of Bear telling me I blew him up I can piece together what happened.

  • Explain in detail why you should be unbanned

    I forgot to close and lock my computer before going out to pick up some packages from my Amazon Locker, a friend took control of my character and decided to do the hienous act of taking multiple Clone Trooper lives. Completely my bad for not realising people can't be trusted with access to my computer unsupervised. I'm willing to accept a compromise of appeal with 100 meter restraining order on literally any troop meaning I have to be on the other side of the map, but I kinda need to join the server to work xD

  • Do you understand that making a troll appeal with result in a longer, if not permanent ban?
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