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[GS] Inaudible™'s EP Application

[GS] Inaudible™  

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  • In Game Name
    DU PVT 6672 Inaudible
  • Age
  • Discord Name
    JingleFlapps(CEO Of Homosex)#7722
  • English Knowledge
  • Previous Event Staff Experience

    My experience as an event manager varies.
     I've had the opportunity to run events for different game modes giving me a lot of experience mixing different kinds of RP with engaging story and combat. Even with my time being brief I was given a lot of experience with designing and managing events. 2 years ago I was an event manager for VisionRP it has since been revamped into Genesis Jedi VS Sith.
    Even though I was there for a short time before the server started to lose its player base I did have some good feedback for the events I had planned.
      I did venture into HL2RP for a while, playing on the server Undetermined Gaming. My time as an EP for UG was short, I had only attained the position a month or so before the server was taken down by the owner.
    Being an EP for UG showed me how to mix different styles of events with each other to create an overall fun experience for all sides of an event, having to include several different factions giving each their part but not removing from the main focus.

  • Why would you like to join our event staff team?

    This server has the potential to be amazing, and I want to help out as I see that is run by competent staff, and this one seems to be the needle in the haystack within the servers that stain this old game.
    I feel as if I have the right experience and skills to join the ranks of the event team given my experience with other servers and I kinda just want to help keep this server fun for the player base, I've always enjoyed making and planning events and this server seems to be the right one for me to join.

  • Why should you be an event planner?

    I feel as if I can add to the server with my experience from my previous positions on the other servers I mentioned previously.
    I Know events on StarWarsRP servers are mainly focused on combat, but I feel as if it could benefit from Story-based events mixing the action with PassiveRP, unlike the occasional trader showing up the ship with a suspicious package for sale, (These events can be brilliant if made correctly) I have a lot of ideas for events that would fit the server and overall help keep the player base engaged.

  • Please provide an example of a medium-sized event.


    Planet: Nar Shaddaa


    PART 1- Pre planet fall

    Republic ship shot down on Anaxes after comms cut as they radio in. A squad of either 41st/104th or RC if needed are dispatched to rescue them after some engineers triangulate the signal if present.


    Upon the troops being found they discover that the survivors of the crash consist of an AC general and three members of the 101st clone battalion stationed on Nar Shaddaa. Two CIS commando Droids intercept the Rescue team and two members of the 101st are killed the AC is wounded and the droids are destroyed.


    After his wounds are attended to the AC Gen informs of their mission. To inform the republic that CIS have taken Nar Shaddaa and their plans are unclear.

    AC Gen is left to recover and the 101st CPT 0629 Matchbox Gives a small debrief on what has happened to Nar Shaddaa


    Event Character Stats for part 1.

    AC General Beftan- 500hp no Armour (Set to low after the first encounter as he is wounded) Level 5 Clearance card, dc17 pistol)

    Two 101st that die- 50hp and no Armour with dc15se’s

    101st CPT 0629 Matchbox- 500hp no Armour (To ensure survival for the first part)

    Dual Dc17s, level 3 card.

    CIS Commando Droids- Set to the job and give 350hp no Armour.


    PART 2- Planetary

    Upon arrival at Nar Shaddaa, another debrief will take place as the event is set up and EC's are ready to go. (CIS Tactical droid, two or three commando droids and an unknown Sith Apprentice.)

    101st CPT Matchbox leads the main force towards the city. After taking the city center he is shot and killed by a commando droid from the roofs after telling DU, 501st and 212th.


    After securing the city center and apartments all forces are directed towards the main enemy base.

    Tactical droid makes contact with AC and issues a surrender order as CIS and republic clash outside the main base.

    Upon entering the main base The unknown Sith Apprentice stands at the door and engages our forces. Chased away by Jedi who will capture him later.

    After the planet is retaken AC inform the republic and we leave for Anaxes with the sith hostage.


    Event Character Stats for part 1.


    101st CPT 0629 Matchbox- 500hp 150 Armour (to ensure survival until city center where he is killed by the sniper) Dual Dc17s, level 3 card.

    Unknown Sith Apprentice- 2000hp 300 Armour, Light saber.

    Commando droids-Set to the job 500hp 150 Armour and a Sniper Rifle.


    Battalions Roles for Event:

    DU: Moving up through the main town to secure an F.O.B and support 501st after securing the first position.

    104th: Secure the outer parts of the city (the bar and the apartments)

    501st: Moving up with DU to secure the first point of the town and then tasked with moving through

    212th: Assist the 104th if necessary in securing the city .

    CG: if around they'll guard the FOB and be used for prisoner transport if needed.

    RC: (If RC are around) Approach the city via the rooftops and scout the main base on the Nar Shadda map


    Jedi: Assist the troops and capture any sith on the planet. (The sith will surrender at low health.)


  • Do you understand if any of this application has been copied or lied about you will be removed from your position?
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+Well Written
+Good inclusion of regiments
+Good amount of experience
+Good job planning the health and loadout of the ECs

-Could've done with more detail of what would happen during the event
-Seemed a bit short

Overall its a +1 from me

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You have been ACCEPTED!
Congratulations on being accepted into the Event Planning team. 
Please message Thom01#8427 on discord to begin your training for your trial phase.

Well done and I hope you enjoy your time as an Event Planner.

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