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  • In Game Name
    104th JJT TRP 5644 Lez
  • Age
  • Discord Name
  • English Knowledge
    Really Good (Fluent)
  • Previous Staff Experience

    I was staff on alpha,Spartan networks,Avalon networks and I was founder of an old community called Astro networks 

  • Provide a detailed explanation of RDM and give 2 valid detailed examples.

    Rdm means random death match which means shooting another player in the republic for no reason and can be a warnable offence

  • Provide a detailed explanation of FailRP and give 2 valid detailed examples.

    Fail rp is basically not rping and doing stuff in the server that y wouldn’t see in Star Wars usually 

  • Why would you like to join our staff team?

    I’d like to join the staff team because I feel like helping the community out and I have been starting to know some new people here and I know something people in the staff/higher ups from other servers like memeti etc 

  • Do you have a working microphone?
  • Do you understand you cannot be staff on another community?
  • Do you understand if you are found out to be using this rank for VIP benefits you will be removed?
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Denied Thank you for applying! Unfortunately, your application was denied. This is due to a serious lack of detail in all answers, failing to give examples for both RDM and FailRP. You're welcome to reapply at a later date!

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