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  • In Game Name
    104th SGT MT ARCJSL-0080 Karl II
  • Age
  • Discord Name
  • English Knowledge
    Really Good (Fluent)
  • Previous Event Staff Experience

    I've had a multitude of EP experience, with most of the roles being connected to staffing or being a responsibility alongside being hierarchy.

    The following list includes my recollection of the most prominent servers I've had EP experience on:

    Werewolf Gaming (Head Mod)

    Hosted tons of events whilst I was staff there, 2x planetaries daily. The plot varied between each mission, but generally the writing was clear cut and simple, revolving primarily around the CIS-Republic war.

    Superior Servers (T-mod)

    Helped out very frequently in events, I was always almost on the event server accompanying regiments and RP'ing as various characters. Hosted a couple of my own on the base server, but they were pretty generic due to rank limitations, and before all the issues caused within the staff team. 

    Multiverse Gaming CWRP (No rank)

    Pretty much a constant event character, played alot of different roles alongside writing a couple of events for the staff to do.

    Multiverse Gaming First Order (Mod)

    Swapped over to this server on release, did near constant events with other people on the team.

    NxG (T-mod)

    Assisted and hosted several events, this bit more adventurous with introducing new factions into the mix to fight against.

    SBG (Mod)

    Helped and hosted several of my own events, alongside taking part in numerous others. 

    Argon Gaming (Co - Founder)

    Hosted a couple events while the server was up, issues with the server host caused the server to fail.

    Distorted Servers (Head Admin) 

    Hosted lots of events in the initial weeks of release, lots of large scale battles on maps like Geonosis. 

    Heretic Gaming (Senior Mod)

    Hosted my own events, joined in on more. 

    Darth Networks (1st one, Head Mod)

    Some events here and there, due to it being a JvS server the events were mostly based around items.


  • Why would you like to join our event staff team?

    I'd like to join the event staff team as I know a fair few people on it, and my interactions with EP's doing events have always been pleasent. After joining in as an EC  several times over the past couple weeks of playing, I want to get more involved with events, as I enjoy taking part and making them.

    I was apprehensive in applying at first, but I've gotten into it a lot more now that I've regained my confidence in using the tools as a member of staff to hold SIM's for my regiment and others, and i'd like to transfer that into large scale events. 

    I'm on the server alot due to quarantine, and I have a lot of what I think to be good ideas for events, alongside large multi event story arcs which I think would engage the community. 

  • Why should you be an event planner?

    I should be an event planner due to my activity, teamwork abilities and overall passion for the server. I've been an EP on tons of servers, and i've hosted a large variety of events. Whichever type is needed, I can adapt and use different formula's of event archetype's in order to suit the player base at the given time.

    Furthermore, my experience with old servers doing events, with limited resources means that I don't need much to go on for a well rounded event. I understand that story is a key aspect to player engagement as opposed to brash violence, and I can reflect that as an EP. I've also dabbled in writing quite a lot, so I can string together narratives quite well.

  • Please provide an example of a medium-sized event.

    Unknown party? - {{::; ''02//'TRANSMISSION SEND?11 -'';::}}

    Unknown party? - (({:}AFF_IRM.{{}}}:}

    A faint, low dialed tone is hear reverberating through the upper to mid sections of the Anaxes compound.

    Unknown party? - 99)(::]~COMPLETE.]][[~'';}

    Several sequences of code are pinged from the Comms array, and sent through every subsystem of the base, causing a base wide lock down. All systems apart from lighting are completely disabled, with every security contingency in the base being triggered.

    All inside the affected security areas would be trapped in lock down for the duration of time it would take the 212th to get all systems fully operational. 

    Several more of these tones would impact the base through the Communications tower relay, but depending on the adaptability of the Engineering staff, these pings would have a lesser effect on the base's subsystems depending on the methods deployed to deal with the security breaches.

    2-7 minutes pass, allowing for recuperation and assessment of the condition of Republic forces by the AC. After this period of time, an Acclamator would plummet out of the sky, impacting into the terrain directly in front of the Anaxes base, digging far into the cliff face. With the tail side of the Acclamator facing the Anaxes base, the level of the response will vary with the AC's discretion. If the wreck is ignored, the event will be altered to allow for the decisions made by the AC accordingly.

    If the wreck is explored and men are deployed to its location, the vessel will appear completely undamaged, having only suffered hull damage from the collision with the mountain face. Upon further inspection, all crew will be missing.

    During this time, several foreign, fast moving extra terrestrial objects will enter the planets southern orbit, and begin circling their way around the spine of the planet, reaching the north pole of Anaxes and then rotating to a position above the base. 

    When detected on scanners, another universal message will trigger. 

    With the arrival of the message over open communications, several CIS interceptors will be deployed from high orbit, pummeling down into the base's airspace. These will come in waves, equivalent to the subsequent force applied to the attack by a ratio of 2-1. Should 2 Republic pilots be deployed, 4 Separatist interceptors will be deployed to counter, so on and so forth. 

    This will happen instantaneously after the message is broadcast, and the interceptors will be deployed from an unknown, and unreachable vessel in the high orbit of Anaxes. In addition, several battalions of B-2 battledroids are deployed via drop pod to the exterior gate of the main base, and all surrounding republic installations. There will be a total of three waves, each adapting to the previously applied force.

    During this assault, the weakest portion of the base will be assaulted by four Umbaran foot soldiers consistently, with their target being the reactor room. Several waves of Umbarans will be deployed. Each soldier will have CIS weaponry, and 500 HP, to ensure a quick, easy and balanced death for all EC's. Each time all Umbarans are eliminated, they will be marshaled to a new position to begin another wave of attack, up to several times. The assaults will only continue if a large CIS presence is still in the area. If the attack is successfully repelled, all enemy forces will retreat. Should the RR be breached, the CIS will retreat in this situation also, but with a loss for Republic forces, the ramifications of which will not be immediately disclosed. Several explosive devices will be placed around the base by the Umbaran squad, that of which will have to defused or disposed of by other unsavory means.

    Depending on the outcome of the event, this will be the first event out of three in a small story arc surrounding the remaining Umbarans. The condition for the continuation of the story arc is if the Umbarans reach the engine room, extract the necessary specifications and RTB safely. If the attack is repelled, and the republic secrets are kept safe, it will be a standard, mid size base attack.


  • Do you understand if any of this application has been copied or lied about you will be removed from your position?
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+Good Experience

+Well Written

-Event is just basically a normal base attack in the troopers' eyes

-Umbarans are solely stationed on Umbara

-Lack of inclusion of other regiments


Its a -1 from me sorry

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Sorry for the confusion regarding what people would do, wanted to keep it fluid and allow for an open interpretation of troop movement for AC. As for the Umbarans, it would be incorporated into the story Arc under the pretense of a basic attack. I'll keep those points in mind for the future though, cheers for responding.

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You have been ACCEPTED!
Congratulations on being accepted into the Event Planning team. 
Please message lovingit1888#7768 on discord to begin your training for your trial phase.

Well done and I hope you enjoy your time as an Event Planner.

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