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  • In Game Name
    104th SB JENF PFC 7900 Karl II
  • Age
  • Discord Name
  • English Knowledge
    Really Good (Fluent)
  • Previous Staff Experience

    I've had a large amount of staffing experience, the most prominent of which i'll share below:

    In 2016-17, I started playing on Werewolf Gaming. After three weeks, I applied for staff and was accepted into the position of T-mod. Shortly thereafter, around 5 days after becoming staff, passing my mentor ship tests and in addition due to me being elevated to a higher RP rank, I was promoted to Senior Mod. 

    Around a month after that, serious leadership issues and tensions rose within the SWRP server, alongside some community wide issues that caused the server to undergo a revamp. The revamp lasted around two weeks, in which time I was selected by the server Hierarchy to become the new SWRP Head-Mod. I stayed in that position until I had disagreements with the new Owner and left around two months after the re release of the server. 


    I have been staff on a multitude of startup servers from that point onwards, juggling between Hierarchy, Senior Admin, and Head EP for around 7 servers. 

    The following I can clearly recall are:

    Vigilance RP (Old server, went well for a month then kicked the bucket) - Head Admin

    Distorted Servers - Head Admin

    Heretic Gaming (Large networks, 50 player average, left on good terms) - Senior Mod

    SBG (Large network, successor to the OG Werewolf Gaming SWRP server, owned by Weebru)- Mod

    NxG (Successor to the SBG server, Owned by Yiro) - Tmod

    Argon Gaming (Don't use Krypton Networks, would've been successful if it hadn't have been for 120% CPU Usage on launch) - Co Founder

    Darth Networks (1st one, there's been like 50) - Head Mod

    Project Tartarus (Cool, new innovative Zombie RP server. Didn't last long due to lack of interest.) - Senior Mod

    Honex Networks (Lasted two days) - Co Founder

    Multiverse Gaming First Order RP (Played for the months following release, went under the alias 51st Commander Watcher) - Mod


    I've staffed on several other servers, but most of them aren't related to serious RP game modes. 

  • Provide a detailed explanation of RDM and give 2 valid detailed examples.

    RDM = Random Death Match.

    RDM is the act of killing another on the server outside the predefined rules & guidelines of the server, which are set out to ensure that the server is enjoyable for everyone. This killing is coined and defined as an, 'RDM', due to it being an act not reasonably manageable in RP, thus making OOC intervention necessary.

    The first example of an RDM would be a CT spawning in, running down the corridor and waving to another. He waves back. The two have a lovely chat, and it quickly devolves into a verbal spat about one anothers mother's, or something along similar lines. Long story short, the CT blasts the brains out of the other chap's helmet, causing  a ruckus. This killing is unwarranted, and was a random assault.

    The second example of an RDM, is a jedi taking a brisk walk through a corridor. He sees a trooper, then cuts him in half. This is bad, and is RDM. The jedi should not have done that. 

  • Provide a detailed explanation of FailRP and give 2 valid detailed examples.

    FailRP is the act of breaching the boundary of how the character you're controlling would act in the scenario they're in.

    The first example of FailRP is someone undressing, covering themselves in kitchen oil and plummeting to their death after jumping off a cliff. A clone wouldn't do that, a good soldier follows orders.

    The second example would be a heated, erotic session between several members of an undisclosed yet slightly rufous regiment somewhere in the depths of the base. This is frowned upon, and is FailRP. Clones don't have sexy time.

  • Why would you like to join our staff team?

    I'd like to join the staff team as i'm suprised by the server. After having a large amount of issues trying to connect, I thought i'd bin it and go off Gmod again. Now having those issues resolved, i'm enjoying my time here, and i'm surprised that a lot of people I've known from past servers have settled down here. 

    After playing consistently for a while, i'd like to situate myself within the server and make an adequate dedication to it, that will tether me down in order to further make myself a part of the community. 

    Overall, i'd like to staff again on a larger server, as opposed to small start up communities, that end up in an cycle of failure. It'll be much more interesting to staff on a server that won't disappear in the next week. I think that I can bring a good skillset to the staff team, alongside my aforementioned experience. 

    In addition to this, i'd like to further my activities on the server, as due to Covid - 19 I have a lot of free time this year, and I find the long gaps waiting for action to happen IC to be tiresome. I'd like to focus some of my less active hours standing in the bunks and facing walls whilst scanning my Instagram for pictures of attractive half naked girls and instead do something beneficial to the server, and myself. 

    In conclusion, I'd like to join in order to benefit the server alongside filling up my time with something to work towards, and do. I'm also really good at Garry's Mod.

  • Do you have a working microphone?
  • Do you understand you cannot be staff on another community?
  • Do you understand if you are found out to be using this rank for VIP benefits you will be removed?
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Your application has been ACCEPTED
Congratulations on being accepted into the staff team. 
Please message Deenhan#2660 on discord to begin your training for your trial phase.

Well done and I hope you enjoy your time in the staff team.

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