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GeneralJarvis351's EP Application


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  • In Game Name
    212th TRP 3512 fBishop
  • Age
  • Discord Name
  • English Knowledge
    Really Good (Fluent)
  • Previous Event Staff Experience

    A collective 2 years of Event/Administrative experience. 9 months on Two Geetsly's servers (CWRP and Imperial RP) as a Event staff. 5 months as Head Event Staff on Geetsly's CWRP until I resigned due to lack of support from the owner.  I spent 7 months hopping from server to server as a wandering EP such as Project Freelancer and Cydonia. (most of the servers I ended up joining died out shortly after due to various issues). I was also called in as a few different times by a friend to sub in as Head Event Planner by a Server creator named Krannon. I also was a dungeon Master in D&D before i got into being Event Staff

  • Why would you like to join our event staff team?

    Partially because Clone Wars Season 7 gave me an itch to have more star wars. I also missed the challenge that comes with being an Event Planner.  However, I mainly just wanted to support a server that truly works for the players. 

  • Why should you be an event planner?

    I have a good bit of experience working as a Event staff for a variety of servers. I also try to make events that utilize each battalion's abilities properly using knowledge of the Lore, their unique server role, and their loadout/battalion composition. But the most important thing I bring to the table is how I execute Large scale events. I can do small, Battalion specific events as well as Medium sized events, but I am extremely good at Large, story driven events. This is because I lay out the objective, a few bits of intel/lore, and the equipment limits, then I let the Generals and Army command figure out Strategy without my help. After that, it turns into a kind of strategy game between the leadership and me. Whatever approach the players take, I have to react and counter while also working within limits set before the event starts. 

  • Please provide an example of a medium-sized event.

    I know this may look like a very large scale event when you're asking for a Medium sized event, but this is one of my medium sized events. And most of my medium sized events can become very large scale events if the players fail everything.

    With that being said, Here's how a medium sized event of mine usually goes. 

    Premise: a Republic Agent has been captured by the Pike's Crime Syndicate while investigating possible relations between the Syndicate and elements of the Confederacy. he is being held in a hideout on [insert cannon planet].

    Objectives: Find the hideout and rescue the agent if possible. 

    Intel: [insert cannon planet] is a undeveloped planet for the most part, the exception being some old ruins that havent been dated. The planet has miles of caves and tunnels running throughout the planet, Hills dont exist, just mountains, bigger mountains, and Canyons; so its a sniper's heavan. The wildlife is also extremely hostile.

    Player's limit: 2 hovertanks, and 3 LAAT. no speeders due to the landscape

    My limit: I can only spawn in, around 30 Gangsters, half a battalion of B2 Battledroids (150), 3 AAT, and 1 Droid Gunship. I only have 5 chances to spawn Wildlife, but i have too role against whoever's the highest rank in that area. What spawns is determined by the difference in the roles (ex if i role a 50 but the other guy roles a 20, then they'll be ambushed by 10 creatures, but if i role an 80 and the other guy roles a 20, then 20 creatures will spawn)

    How it Unfolds: This is the hard part to do, since most of what happens here is determined by what the players do, but ill be giving a few examples of what is possible in just the outset of my events

    When a majority of the players have spawned in, their first decision will be a simple one. Will they rush in like idiots, or will they send ARC and RC in to scout while the other battalions stay put at the FOB.

    If they choose the former... god help them. Because what'll happen is that when they rush in, theyll set off all the alarms and all hell will break loose. As they attack the response team head on, a pack of creatures will attack them on the left flank while B2's and the Droid Gunship are bombarding them with rockets and blaster fire, and snipers in the mountains are picking off troopers out of cover. Army command will be unable to provide logistic support such as CAS coordination because the wild beasts have attacked the unfortified FOB. The mission can still succeed, but the price will be High. But the Commanders and Generals must rethink their approach and correct tactical errors before the mission becomes a complete failure. If they fail, then the objective will just be to escape the planet, because after a certain point, all troops will respawn inside the Pike's Base as prisoners. The survivors will have a chance to regroup and try and free their brothers, and the prisoners will be given chances to break out. If they fail this too (and i pray they don't) then they'll be sent to the mines of Kessel, where they must find a way to arm themselves, contact the republic fleet, and escape when the ship comes for them. They'll have to sneak out, disable the Ray shield and turrets protecting the base, and put the guard towers out of action. If they fail at this point... then ill be forced too pull a Deus Ex and negotiate to buy them from the Pike's

    Things play out better if they choose the latter. The ARC and RC will scout ahead, disable any alarms they come across, and take out any snipers they see. All the while the other Battalions are fortifying the FOB, possibly performing RP maintenance on vehicles and their equipment (if they do this, then I lower the enemy HP a bit). RC and ARC return once ARC has found the enemy base, and RC have confirmed that the agent is alive. If either team is caught by the guards (ie, if 3 guards start firing or if they pass an alarm and dont disable it) then the mission kicks off without the Recon Team's intel. If Both teams remain hidden and return back too base, then the entire mission will become better planned. After that, its all up to  how the Players go forward in the assault. If they don't coordinate and call out targets, then they will suffer. If a group/individual wanders off, then there is the chance they will get friendly with the wildlife. If a trooper runs ahead of the group, then he'll probably be popped by a sniper. If the gunship decides to directly over the enemy base, then that LAAT will be shot down by either anti air (if the Recon team didn't think to disable it) or the Droid gunship. If someone doesnt watch their step and end up falling off a cliff, then someone will have too save him, or else he's PKed But if they fight like a well oiled machine, then the assault will be easy. If they send RC ahead into the caves to extract the Agent while the main force keeps the attention on them, then the odds will be higher that the agent is still alive (that just means that when they roll in order to check for a pulse, the roll will have a plus 20 added to the roll).  If they decide to advance as a group, then they'll be slowed by defensive forces, and will not receive the bonus. Then they have to fall back cautiously. If they decide to transport the wounded agent on a LAAT, then the enemy can shoot it down, killing the agent and failing that part of the mission.

    Regardless of whichever path they went down or if they have the agent, The mission will end with a debrief above the Venator. After debrief, the players enjoy a change of scenery for a bit while allowing Battalions to recruit, train, or passive RP. If they Saved the Agent and were an effective fighting force, then my next event will be a follow up to that one.


  • Do you understand if any of this application has been copied or lied about you will be removed from your position?
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You have been ACCEPTED!
Congratulations on being accepted into the Event Planning team. 
Please message shepherdcraig1#1503 on discord to begin your training for your trial phase.

Well done and I hope you enjoy your time as an Event Planner.

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