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Tilted's Staff Application


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  • In Game Name
    Jedi Padawan Elliot
  • Age
  • Discord Name
  • English Knowledge
    Really Good (Fluent)
  • Previous Staff Experience

    Superior Servers (128 players constantly)

    - 4 Months of Trial Mod

    - 3 Months of Trial Admin

    - 2 Months of Permanent Admin

    Resigned from staff and left the server on the 9th of June 2019


    Other servers

    I have also been staff on some smaller servers, such as Quasar Networks, but they didn't stay up for long enough for it to be worth mentioning, even though they had a decent player base. I have been many different ranks, such as Head of Staff/Super Admin, Admin, Mod, Trial mod, etc. 


  • Provide a detailed explanation of RDM and give 2 valid detailed examples.

    "Random Death Match"

    This is when somebody kills somebody else for no valid reason.



    1. Jonathan James the Third walks up to Timothy Jackson the Fifth and shoots him in the head till he dies, because he doesn't like him.

    2. Big brain Jedi Main decides to attack The almighty Major Wolffe with his lightsaber for no reason, trying to kill him, but of course failing. This would be classed as ARDM, but is basically the same.

  • Provide a detailed explanation of FailRP and give 2 valid detailed examples.


    This is when somebody fails to stay in character, or does something that would not happen normally.



    1. Knowing about stuff that shouldn't be known at that specific time, such as order 66.

    2. Jumping off of a very high ledge, such as the railings inside the base, where they would take damage.

  • Why would you like to join our staff team?

    Firstly, I would like to become staff because I enjoy helping people out. As you can see from my previous experience, I have 10 months of experience as staff on Superior Servers, and at least another 2 months on other servers, which means I have been staff on different GMOD servers for at least a year. 

    Secondly, I would like to help the staff team. Having an experienced staff member on the team can help out the staff team a lot. I am able to answer questions that other staff members might have, I am able to help them out with ULX commands, I am able to set a good example for staff members, etc.

    Thirdly, I wish to get more involved with the community. Becoming a staff member would help me know more about the community, as well as get me more involved. People come to staff with whatever issues they have regarding the server, and I wish to be the one that can help them.

  • Do you have a working microphone?
  • Do you understand you cannot be staff on another community?
  • Do you understand if you are found out to be using this rank for VIP benefits you will be removed?
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Your application has been Denied

For future applications, I would suggest that you build up a good relationship with the community. One of the best ways to do so is to help anyone who asks for assistance in ooc. You could be answering new players' questions, or helping out with events. All of this cements you as taking an active role in the community, and would assist any application you make in future.

I wish you luck on your future applications.

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