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[AS] Mute'd's Staff Application

[AS] Mute'd  

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  • In Game Name
    104th Major 3636 Wolffe | [AS] Mute'd
  • Age
  • Discord Name
  • English Knowledge
    Really Good (Fluent)
  • Previous Staff Experience

    I have not been Staff on any servers, although I have been an Event Planner on multiple, I dont know if that counts towards this or not.

  • Provide a detailed explanation of RDM and give 2 valid detailed examples.

    RDM is Random Deathmatch, this is where a member kills or attacks, ARDM, another member, an example of this would be that you are simply walking down a corridor and a CT begins firing at you with no warning, potentially killing you. Another example of this is, you are in combat and someone moves their aim to hit and potentially kill you.

  • Provide a detailed explanation of FailRP and give 2 valid detailed examples.

    FailRP is where someone does something that would be implausible if actually there, this could be as simple as be very defiant as a normal Clone Trooper or as far as jumping off of high objects, an example of FailRP is if they jump from one floor to another on the current base map, Anaxes, another example would be that they simply meta game and take information they had in OOC to use to do things IC.

  • Why would you like to join our staff team?

    I would like to join the staff team as it would allow for me to help solve problems that people can commonly have when they play on the server, this could vary from getting stuck in a roof or wall, to more common subjects, like needing a white list for a job. I would also like to join the staff team as it would allow for trainings to be hosted with ease within my regiment, but most importantly, my main reason for wanting to join the staff team, I want other members on the server to continue to have their own fun whilst playing and not have that joy of the server interrupted because of bugs within the game.

  • Do you have a working microphone?
  • Do you understand you cannot be staff on another community?
  • Do you understand if you are found out to be using this rank for VIP benefits you will be removed?
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You have been ACCEPTED
Congratulations on being accepted into the staff team, you will be messaged by a trainer who will guide you through your trial phase.
Well done again and I hope you enjoy your time in the staff team!

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