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  • Welcome to Aurora Servers, founded in February 2020, owned by Fxo. Managed by our dedicated development, staff and event teams. Built for the community, by the community. Our highest priority is the enjoyment and immersion of our friendly environment welcoming anyone with equal arms. We pride ourselves on providing a unique experience with custom content being provided regularly compared to the commonly reused content.

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    We run "unique" roleplay servers. Our staff teams works at their absolute best to give what the players want to have; a fluent and exciting experience. Don't be scared to talk or join in on the fun. Discrimination or any kind of harassment will not be tolerated! From this, Aurora Servers will be a place and safe haven where we can feel welcome. Anyone is welcome, everyone has a clean slate. We mean no ill intent towards other communities, and anyone found trying to actively stir the shit-pot will be removed!